Acceptance is a Form of Magic

Tune in to this short and sweet episode on the beauty and power of choosing what you will accept in this life. We discuss what magic is and how acceptance is synonymous with the action of it. Only you can make the decision, and only you can make the difference within your days.◗

◤ This episode was one made up mostly in a stream of consciousness. Feel the energetics of this message and let it ripple into your day, your manifestations, and the person you are becoming.▸


You can accept the perception that you had before – of what was not true to you, what was not in your alignment, what was not really your authentic self. Or you can make the choice – you can accept – that you are who you are. That you have the past that you have. That you have the trajectory that you do have. That you are walking forward into stepping into the person that you are becoming. You have the power of making that choice of acceptance. You will accept what you will accept, and that is powerful. And that, again, is your choice… It’s that simple. It’s that wonderful. It’s that enchanting. It’s that accessible, that easy, to approach. 

Cheat-sheet breakdown

What is Magic?

The Power of Choice

Acceptance is a Liberation


If you’ve been wanting to sit down with a witch and ask them loads of questions about witchcraft –perhaps mostly all follow-up questions to what the hell magic even is – then I know exactly how you feel and have absolutely been there. Fortunately, I did get to sit down with a really rad, full-time witch, and ask all those burning ques. I definitely walked away from that conversation with more questions than what I started with, but then they were based on what magic lived in me vs needing to know how to define the mystic.

Good news for you, my friend – you can actually tune in to that conversation on the pod. I sat down with Mallory Leone of Four Corners Studio and we explored various aspects of magic, grounding the craft for all those in the dark. Although I strongly recommend giving Witchcraft, Demystified a listen to, I’m going to spill the beans and give you the what’s what on magic. Spoiler, it’s probably not what you were expecting.

So, here it goes: magic is whatever you choose it to be.

I know that probably doesn’t fill the ticket, so I’ll go with the more traditional definition: magic is the supernatural practice of making life bigger, brighter, and enchanting. Look, I know this is not the first time you’ve heard this definition. And until you can see magic yourself, this definition is probably going to feel pretty vague. So, let me elaborate a little bit.

First off, magic lives its strongest and boldest in the form of belief and feeling. So, to believe it is to know it – to feel it is to be one with it.

Secondly, the key phrase in that definition is supernatural practice. Can you think of anything within your life or interest that could be considered a supernatural practice? Perhaps manifesting, drawing tarot, reading the Akashic Records, or really anything in the realm of the woo? You know, some people even believe Ayurveda is a supernatural practice. And when we look at it through that particular lens, again, we see that magic is whatever you choose it to be and it can hold space wherever you will it. And that, right there, is the heart of it.


When it comes right down to it, it’s your choice to decide whether or not magic is real and an active element in your life. And every time you make a choice, you are performing an act of magic. It’s absolutely true – every decision you make is a form of creation that impacts the way your days and trajectory will play out. Your choices determine the person you are becoming. And that is very powerful, indeed.

Freewill is nothing but choice, making us inherently magical beings. Again, it’s your choice whether or not you will take an active part in the natural, organic mysticism that lives inside you.

And here’s the amazing part about all of it – your choice to embrace or to shy away from magic has no negative consequences, but simply creates a different pathway for you to walk. No matter your perspective on the value of magic in the lifetime, the fact that you are living a life is beautiful enough. It’s your choice whether or not you want more for yourself. Simple as that.


On the show, I proclaimed more than once that acceptance is synonymous with magic. If magic is simply choice itself, then acceptance is the action of magic. Because acceptance is choice put in motion. What you are willing to accept in this life is a powerful thing. It dictates your perception, your worldview, and what you believe you are worthy of.

The best thing you can do is accept that you are enough – to accept that you a capable, beautiful, magical individual. Your forward motion is like no one else’s, and what you are able to contribute right now, in this moment, makes you absolutely worthy of all that you seek.

The liberation you seek is rooted in this one question: what truth are you willing to accept in your life?


    • Acceptance is synonymous with the action of magic.
    • Magic is choice, plain and simple. Truly, it is whatever you choose it to be. But if you want a more traditional definition, it would be that magic is the supernatural practice of making life bigger, brighter, and enchanting.
    • It all comes down to what are you willing to except in this life. By making that choice, you are aligning with a perspective of sight and an approach to life that serves you.
    • If you want to reinvent yourself, you must make the choice in what you will and will no longer accept in the life you lead.


        • I referenced a few different plays in the show. For starters, I recommend reading all of Anton Chekov’s plays. My favorite is The Cherry Orchard. Another personal favorite is Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, by Terrence McNally. And lastly, I mentioned Waitress, both a cult indie movie and now a Broadway musical.
        • When I shared, “the magic is in the mundane,” I was quoting Michelle Pellizzon, the Head Witch in Charge at Holisticism. Michelle is an incredible guide and thought leader on intuitive business – I’m a student! ????. And she was also a stellar guest on the show, talking all things Akashic Records. Give it a listen, my friend. You’ll love it.
        • Join the Magic Hour – the first Thursday of every month, where we come together to gab, connect intentionally, and even network! It’s a blast.