Reading Your Akashic Records, with Michelle Pellizzon

We are in episode 18 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. Michelle Pellizzon absolutely helps us serve the fruit on what the Akashic Records are and how we can approach the Akasha, but we first start things off with hot takes on Matthew McConahay, and how people visualize the Akasha as if it were the Hogwarts Library. In general, we talk about living a spiritual life, and it is juicy stuff.


If you want to try reading the Akashic Records, be open to not seeing, and hearing, and understanding in ways that you aren’t used to experiencing. And the more you can put yourself in situations that are brand new where you can experience new feelings, whether it’s through learning new things, or taking in new information, or having actually different, physical body experiences… All of this, IMO, opens us up to the way that we can receive information. Because we’re constantly receiving information, we just often ignore it.

Michelle is the head witch in charge, HWIC, at Holisticism, a place to find new pathways into intuitive business, tap into your spiritual practices, and take steps away from living a capitalist life. Holisticism looks at the whole person, not just the business side, the spiritual side, or the health side of a person. IMO, a soulpreneur’s heaven. And as a bonus, Holisticism just launched their own podcast, The Twelfth House! And I love it. It’s quickly become one of my favorites.

An Intro on the Akashic Records

Before we get into what the Akashic Records are, it’s important to understand what the Akasha is. It’s a liminal space – a space which is between the border of two worlds or concepts – where you can see everything that has happened, will happen, or is going to happen. When it comes to looking at the future, it is able to show you every possibility.

When Michelle was told that the Akasha wasn’t a part of your imagination, but was an actual space, she became intrigued, but approached the Akasha with a healthy dose of skepticism until she was able to experience it herself. She found that entering the Akasha was like witnessing the multi-verse, or seeing string theory. The way she explained reading the Records in the episode was that it is like getting a birds-eye view on infinite potentials, and being able to pinpoint which potential is most likely to occur and which potential is best suited for your alignment. Again, possibilities, not guarentees.

The Akasha has been around longer than the name we call it, which was assigned about 150 years ago by Helena Blavatsky, who was an occult philosopher – a real spiritual leader at her time in New York. Unfortunately, the term Akasha was appropriated from the Hindus, but it is the only term we are able to use to describe and discuss this elevated, liminal space.

Opening the Akashic Records

For a long time – for many, many years – only shamans, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders were able to access the Akasha. I was confused by this, and when I asked Michelle, she brought those missing pieces home for me. Not too long ago, most of the population was simply concerned with surviving. There was no access for the average person to even fathom putting the work in to take on such a spiritual experience. To be able to read, write, and study was to be an elite. Elites had money, time, and resources to invest in themselves, philosize, and self-expand into their passions.

It is more accessible now because we, as a collective and as a majority, are not longer in that survival mode. We have more time for wellness, spiritual growth, and expansion. And leaning into your intuition, leaning into your Clairs, is big for reading the records.

To open the Akashic Records, you need to use Linda Howe’s Pathway Process Prayer to connect to your MTLOs – masters, teachers, and loved ones, or another one of your spiritual teams. They are our translators for what we are opening – whether it’s our own records or someone else’s. There is literally a record for everything. Not just people, but also pets, homes, podcasts, trees, etc. And our MTLOs help us register what information we need and how to process it.

Additional Benefits From Reading our Akashic Records

Since the Akasha is in a higher, non-linear dimension, it helps us step step into our alignment and connect with our higher self. Which is a form of communication. Reading the Records themselves is a form of communication, as well as a way of learning how we communicate and receive communication.

Before taking on such a practice within our spirituality, we can be still limited by our beliefs and the limits of our previous humanly experiences; limited by what has already been accessible or accessed by us. ie, the other places in our human plane. Our vision – nod to that big psychic energy – is not always completely formed.

And beyond the reading the Records, whatever we can do to be out of our bodies and connect to whatever is beyond our immediate consciousness will help us improve our third eye’s sight. So here’s the thing to take home: intuition is just information. And approach reading the Records when you have the calling to – when you have received the information to do so. Don’t put pressure on yourself to show up this practice if it isn’t actually in your momentary – or ever – best interest.

Also, you may try it out for the first, second, or third time, and it doesn’t “work.” Remember, we’re learning a whole new form of communication. It may take time to tune in. You can walk away for however long you need, and return back to the practice. It will be there for you when you are ready for it. And truly, anything worthwhile takes a minute. So, the next time reading the records – or another spiritual practice, or really any practice of any kind – doesn’t work, approach it with a c’est la vie, and try again. This stress-free resilience will make you stronger than anything else you practice within you’re spirituality. And that in itself is such a win.


  • The Akasha is a liminal space where you can see everything – the Records of what has happened, will happen, or is going to happen.
  • To open the Akashic Records, you need to use Linda Howe’s Pathway Process Prayer to connect to your MTLOs – masters, teachers, and loved ones.
  • Reading the Records themselves is a form of communication, as well as a way of learning how we communicate and receive communication in a whole new way.
  • If you first don’t succeed, give it time, and try again.


  • Watch Interstellar – I’m going to.
  • If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes on mindful practices, intuition, psychic abilities, and meeting your spirit guides – listen to them! They will be incredibly clarifying on understanding the Akasha.
  • The best way to learn about when the North Node membership opens – which is only twice a year – is by joining Holisticism’s newsletter. And make it fun by signing up for Michelle’s Akashic Record course, 14 Days to Psychic Superpowers?
  • Linda Howe – the predominant, modern day source on the Akashic Records. She has written many books on the subject and created the Pathway Process Prayer.
  • Helen Vonderheide – a master Akasha teacher, under Linda Howe, and is one of the most preeminent Certified Akashic Readers in the United States. If you are interested in getting certified, Helen is an amazing route.