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Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (2001)


Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen, is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to law school. While she is there, she figures out that there is more to her than just looks.


“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”


The Crone | XIII

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle

Friend, it’s time to step away from the status quo and lean into your own form of magic. If you want people to hear your wisdom, your gifts, and your truth, then you have to start speaking it – in your own way and in your own time. The Crone has no fucks to give and is focused on their own divineness, fulfillment, and sense of peace. Living your best life, being discerning about your time, and channeling your energy into practices that light you up will make people stop and stare in pure fascination. To speak to others find what speaks to you – verbally, visually, and energetically.

Movement | 8♣️

Jane Austen Tarot

Vines grow rapidly and bloom swiftly now, with nothing standing in their way.

Being heard is all about forward motion. Others want to hear your answers, but for you to share them first you need to be curious enough to ask those questions. For you to continue onward and reach the heights you desire the most, you must pursue your self-discovery and engage in what invokes your passions. People want to witness the truth, so give them what they want by expressing yours. It’s not your volume that creates the impact, but your bravery in sharing your voice with others. IOW, it’s not the way you say it but your choice to say it.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Steve Martin


Clarity insights to launch you into inspired action.

Do you have any suggestions on niching down? It's really hard!

Boy-oh-boy — do I have some ideas on this. For starters, I think you need to ask yourself whether or not niching down is to your benefit. Like, why are you trying to do it – because someone else says you have to? That doesn’t fit the vibe check, IMO. ???? Nah, you don’t have to niche down to get the results you want. Especially if you are a generalist rather than a specialist. If you’re the latter, niching down would likely be a benefit to you, but if you’re a creative or multi-hyphenate, there’s no need to niche. Instead, what you want to do is find a grounding through-line – locate the core, the North Star – of what you do and why you do it.

And if you do still want to niche down, go back to that North Star. Either way, it’ll make niching or not niching way easier.

I'm trying to establish myself as an expert, but nobody is listening. Help!

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to do a content audit. Diving in and getting clear on what you’re creating, what’s valuable about it, how your audience/community responds to it, and what’s currently missing from your process. Let’s go ahead and explore that.

  • What overall messaging are you sharing in your content? What’s the through-line?
  • What topics are you covering? Is there a sense of cohesion?
  • What’s valuable about what you’re sharing? What do viewers get out of it?
  • Are you reaching out to your community and engaging with them? How are you connecting with others?
  • Are they engaging with you? What pieces of content have had the highest engagement? What makes them stay?
  • Is there a topic you can go deeper in? Or does your content feel cohesive? What can you do to improve your process?

To take this a step further, I recommend hosting ideal client interviews. Round up 5-10 questions that can be answered quickly, hop on a call with your ideal clients or community members, and get their input. Let them talk and don’t explain yourself unless they are looking for clarification. Host at least 10 of these. If anything, those 10 people are really going to start paying attention. Not the point for doing it, but definitely a perk.

How can I find a centralized message as a Multi-Hyphenate?

If you have read the other answers, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that through-line element I’ve been mentioning. And that’s essentially what you’re looking for. I actually like to call this your North Star. But let me tell you – you are not alone in that struggle. I had a particularly hard time locating the core of all that I do and bringing a sense of cohesion to it. If you’re interested in getting an inside look at how exactly I did that, check out this podcast episode I was featured on – Building a Multi-Hyphenate Business ft Brittany Marie. I spill all the tea.

But this isn’t about me – it’s about you. And to find your North Star, I suggest grabbing a piece of paper and mapping it out. This may sound a little cheesy and cringy, but just try it. If it doesn’t give you the answer you’re looking for, it will definitely help you get closer to them. You can do this however serves you best, but the idea is to list out all the things you do and find all the ways they are connected. Personally, I’m imagining a web diagram. A Venn diagram would probably also do the trick. Play around and try to find a single sentence, philosophy, or phrase that brings it all home – not just for you, but also your community and your ideal clients.

I spend so much time creating content and getting little results. What should I do?

I hear you! This was me for soooo long – and in a lot of ways, it still kinda is. I still don’t see the ROI I used to hunger for. But what’s helped me, and I think can help you, is changing my perspective on it. If you were standing in a room of 30 people, that would feel major, wouldn’t it? And in that room of 30 people, only a portion of them are going to fully engage in your talk. Then, a smaller portion of that would actually follow your call to action. So, if you got three people – heck, even just one person – to engage with what you’ve shared, that is a HUGE win! Yeah?

Perhaps that perspective still doesn’t help you – because I get it. Perspective is nice, but there’s still an issue, here. And you may have heard this before, but the thing to do is to 1) make sure you’re providing value that makes you stand out from the crowd, and 2) borrow audiences. If you want to hear more on standing out, listen to our podcast season, Reinventing Yourself. But if you want to learn how to get in front of other’s audiences, let me simplify it for you: it’s essentially creating content for them so they can easily share it with their community. Choose a platform style that serves you – IG Live, a podcasting tour, workshops, Pinterest, etc. Just pick one, and then dedicate a small portion of your workweek to it. Make your pitches evergreen and personable. It will take time, but voila! This will help you get the attention/results you seek.



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To hear so many women step forward and share their truth in such a vulnerable and beautiful way constantly grounds our perspective in gaining confidence for us to use our own voice.


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