Defining Your Brand’s Manifesto + Stepping Forward as a Multi-Hyphenate, with Cristel Smith-Aguero

As someone who’s in the middle of their year-long rebrand, I can put my hands up and say that branding is an incredibly tricky thing to do. Until we understand what a brand actually is, it can become frustrating to define what feels like redundantly excessive details. Trust me, I hear you.

So I want to help open your eyes and give you the tea on what your brand actually is – when we build a brand, what we’re actually doing is creating a magical worldview. And no one knows that better than the charming Cristel Smith-Aguero, a Multi-Hyphenate Designer + Mindset Coach. Press play to get the tea and learn exactly what we mean when we say your brand is a manifesto. ◗

CRISTEL’S IG: @BloomSkyThinking, @CristelSmithAguero


By putting it out into the world – whether that’s through your embodiment or through your brand or through what you do physically – you are manifesting that essence, that value, that belief, that worldview that you have within you. So, for me, branding is a manifesto – it’s a physical translation of something that is energetic. And I think it can be a very powerful way to communicate a message that is not only words and visuals, but it is a vibe. And obviously by vibe we’re talking about frequency, we’re talking about energy, we’re talking about things that trickle down and vibrate on a much deeper level than: Hey, I’m a coach, and this is what I do, and I like to dress in pink – it’s so much deeper than that. It’s like an energetic statement of your worldview.

Cristel is a charmingly brilliant and semi-space obsessed Multi-Hyphenate Designer + Mindset Coach, as well as the founder of Bloom Sky Thinking. Her insights are endless on how to put yourself out there and be seen in a way that allows you to connect consciously with your community and dream clients – whether you’re a personal or business brand, or even somewhere in between. Cristel is passionate about living mindfully, consciously, and harmoniously as multi-faceted beings. Tune in to get a taste of the wisdom this incredible woman holds.

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It can feel overwhelming to sit down and ask, “how do I brand myself/my business?” First off, there are so many components that make up a brand. And as you know, it takes so much more than a good color scheme and a clean logo to make waves as a brand. But I don’t think that’s what trips us up. A lot of us look at branding as if it’s the end all, be all of being seen and getting the results we desire. And if we get it wrong, it can be incredibly disappointing and might even feel like a waste of time, money, and opportunities. That is a lot of pressure to put on a brand strategy, especially when a brand is a tool and not the ultimate answer to manifesting your wishes.

I think it’s easy to get confused on what a brand’s purpose is in a culture full of InstaReady gimmicks and #manifestationbabes. Running a business is a hard thing to do, and wanting your brand to take some of the work load off your plate is a fair thing to want. We just need to make sure that we’re giving our brand strategy the job that it’s meant to serve – which is inviting our audience to be a part of the lifestyle we’ve created.

When you share content, you are defining your worldview and inviting others to see your perspective. You’re showing how to experience life through your eyes, providing opportunities to prioritize what you have found to be liberating and life-giving. And you’re asking your audience to be a part of it. It’s like you’re J.R.R. Tolkien and your brand is The Lord of the Rings. So, ask yourself, what is the worldview that your brand invites others to see? Channel that into your brand strategy and you’ll see a huge energetic shift.


When chatting with Cristel, she gave us four brilliant tips to help us step forward into the person we are becoming and tune into our brand’s manifesto. You may have an inkling or a feeling of what your manifesto is, but after working through these exercises, you’ll actually be able to understand and embody what it actually is.

Guide Books – These are workbooks, really, all based on helping you meet the heart and core of your brand, and why it is that you do what you do. Journaling and using these kinds of prompts can be a big win in achieving that aha-moment with your manifesto. Check out our Pinterest board on being seen – it is full of guide books and references to help you meet the heart of your business and why you do what you do.

Visualization – Cristel was particularly keen on this practice when we were exploring these exercises. Sitting down, focusing on your breath, and meditating on your manifesto is a brilliant way to meet it in more detail. You can let your mind wonder with intention on what it is that you’re channeling, inviting, and manifesting through the business you’re creating.

Brand Mood Board – Now, this one here is likely my favorite. This should be no surprise at this point, but I love a good mood board. Collaging is a beloved practice of mine and it always gives me such incredible, intuitive information on whatever it is that I’m exploring. Go through the Googs and find images that speak to the world that you see in your mind. Assemble it all together and let it tell you the story of your brand’s manifesto.

Express Your Manifesto – Now, this might seem counterintuitive since we’re trying to get to know our manifesto, but hear us out. Even if you only have a small image of what your manifesto is, starting to explore what that is in conversation will widen your perspective and help you get detailed into its meaning. Simply talk it out when you can, ideate with a friend, and practice explaining exactly what it is. Odds are, your manifesto will evolve over time, so incorporating this practice regularly will make understanding your worldview as easily as breathing.


Reclaiming yourself as a Multi-Hyphenate is a difficult thing to do when surrounded by comparison culture and the status quo. We’re taught to separate all of our skills into a clean and crisp niche – that everything about us needs to be a sale and something that people can understand immediately. These misguided leaders tell you to take the mystery out of the relationship, without recognizing that the mystery is the best part of meeting someone – especially while you’re still even getting to know your authentic self.

When you’re multi-faceted, what niching actually does is confuse you, plague you, and make you feel like you have to change who you are in order to make a sale. Because as a conscious creator, business is something that’s personal to you. It’s a part of the way that you show up to the world. And being told to niche down is the equivalent to being told that you’re too much.

Now, don’t get me wrong – niching can be an incredible tool, but only if you navigate through in such a way that expands you and not contracts all that you are. The way that Cristel niches is brilliant – she niches by values rather than by a certain message or demographic. And it has worked very well for her. Odds are, you want to work with clients that are like-minded, open, and their needs align with your skill set. Looking at how you can niche within those perimeters will be so much more effective as a Multi-Hyphenate than trying to limit your offerings or target a particular audience.


  • Your brand strategy cannot solve all of your problems. But it is a tool in helping you manifest what you desire. Let it be a tool and not the end all, be all.
  • When you create content for your brand, you’re sending out invitations to your audience for them to use your perspective and be a part of what you’re building.
  • When you create a brand, it’s like you’re J.R.R. Tolkien and your business is The Lord of The Rings.
  • If you’re trying to find your manifesto, try visualizing or assembling a mood board. Talking it out with a pal is also a great win.
  • Niching down can be incredibly limiting when you’re a Multi-Hyphenate. Instead of focusing on demographics or a single specialty, look at values and areas where your key clientele could use some help. Don’t contract to fit the status quo.


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