Earn More, Do More, Be More with Client Processes + The Flow of a Manifesting Generator, with Lizzie Campbell

Do you ever feel out of balance, out of sync, and like you’re one step behind your clients? Do you want to charge more for your services but feel tapped out on what you can scale? Do you need more time to be creative, but get stuck doing more admin than you can stand? Are you an MG and feel like you’re suffering from decision fatigue or that you can never stick to a single decision?

Whew, my friend! Lizzie and I really dig into it with this one. Get ready to take the bite out of the apple, because it’s about to get uber juicy. As MGs, creatives, dreamers, and multi-passionates, get ready to be seen and grab some major takeaways.

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The whole, like, ‘done is better than perfect‘ is my philosophy – I guess. Sometimes it’s not gonna to be the most eloquent, amazing thing you’ve ever written. But you just need to put words on paper, even if it’s the worst sentence ever recorded. You need to have that basis and that foundation so that you can iterate upon it and make it better. And I know for me, specifically, thinking about having to do something is so much more daunting than just doing the damn thing. Sometimes I just have to be, like – OKAY. I’m putting my phone in a drawer. I’m like, zoning in, I’m turning on some beats music or whatever, and I’m just gonna sit down and do it. And if it’s not perfect – FINE – I’ll come back to it later.

Lizzie is nothing short of inspiring. So welcome, and let me introduce you to your next creative business expander. Lizzie is a designer, podcast, coach, and founder of the Asteria Studio Co. She’s been in the creative business game for close to a decade, and has now put all of that knowledge and experience into expert, magical designs for lifestyle brands – the rebels, innovators, dreamers, and magic-makers. An d better yet, she’s open and willing to share all of her know-how and entrepreneurial experiences in her stellar podcast, The Design Lounge Podcast. I’m low-key obsessed, and not just because I worked on the show for a spell. Her work is so inspiring, so unique – and if you’re anything like me, it’ll make you feel seen.


There are lots of reasons why implementing a client process is a big winner and stand-out-from-the-crowd-er, but I think the best bit is being able to orchestrate the way your clients interact with the project. IOW, the way you shape your client process is like the way you would design your AirBNB or host a dinner party. Basically, it turns your product from a simple deliverable into a crafted experience. Yes, please!

It also creates a strong foundation in the way you run and operate your services. It makes you more dependable and trustworthy when you can share this beforehand. You appear more confident and that’s the most attractive quality we could possibly possess. So, client processes aren’t just for the client – they are also for you. These processes ground the client and you – making it so that when your creative mind starts to pursue other ventures or you’re waiting on the client for something, you have checkpoints and reference points to return to – just like Lizzie and her new candle brand. ????

Being able to transform a product into an experience is what increases that value – helping you step away from the pricing structure of time = value, and instead use value = value.


Lizzie’s hot take on client processes was that you don’t need to make them like anyone else’s – they just need to serve you and those you work with. Yeeeeessssssss, AIR? Does anyone else feel uber validated by this? So, in inspired fashion from this liberating hot take, I’m going to share with you just a few process ideas – ideas that are nothing special and that you could probably find anywhere on Pinterest, LBR. But these are the ones I’m most keen on and that I think could be a timeless addition to your operations model as a creative, dreamer, or multi-passionate.


Have an email opt-in for potential clients – if someone wants to work with you, make them give you their email address. Then, enroll them in an email nurturing sequence and let the emails speak for your services. You can also encourage potential clients to vet you – my favorite thing to do – by sending them various resources that you’ve created – such as blog posts, podcast episodes, Instagram posts, etc. If you set it up well and if they’re the aligned client for you, they’ll book that clarity call with excitement, passion, and a readiness to get going!

Send an offering menu with notes on what you recommend for their unique needsLBR, nothing says value like a bespoke package/offering/service. Now, this would be really dependent on your business model, but providing some financial and service flexibility is an awesome thing to provide. That doesn’t mean you have to belittle or undercharge your offerings – quite the opposite, actually! You’re simply providing the opportunity to make the service as aligned as possible for their specific needs. And adding your recommendations/thoughts at the end? Your potential clients are really going to appreciate and consider that in a big way. Especially us indecisives.


Send a project rundown – This is something that Lizzie does in her own client process, and I think it’s a stellar idea. Your project rundown can be anything from a quick outline sent in an email to a heavily designed step-by-step process walkthrough in detailed fashion. I do the first but really want to create that latter. Honestly, you just do you, boo! Whatever way you want to do it, letting your clients know what’s up and when to expect what is a ginormous feat. Also, expect less unnecessary email exchanges and more trust from your clients. Win!


Create a weekly project tracker – Lizzie shared this in the episode, and I think it’s a stellar idea. First off, cute! Secondly, what a great way to both keep your clients in the loop, but also hold them accountable for files and such that you need to continue onward. I actually might start doing this.

Build bespoke checkpoints and milestones – from the outside, these should look semi-unnecessary. But when someone is considering working with you, or when they are in the midst of it, this will be a great perk for keeping them in the loop and making your clients feel more involved than they may actually be. Examine all of your deliverables, and then see if you can send mini versions of those deliverables. Like, a sneak peak or color scheme or a copy outline. There’s so many ways you can do this! And in all honesty, this is basically the creation of your client process within your client process. ???? It’s like you’re creating BTS features for your offering, and who doesn’t love looking behind the curtain?


Host an offboarding interview – meet over video so you can record it, and hit them with the hard questions, just make it fun. Treat this like a podcast interview where you get into those deep reflections, but laugh about it along the way. You add the personality and they do the talking. There’s lots you’ll out of this:

  • useful feedback on the process
  • marketing materials (you can put this in the contract)
  • a designed testimonial (they speak it and you pick out the pieces you like the most)
  • closure on a project well done

Delight your clients with a ‘thank you’ gift – your thank you gift can be anything that you want it to be. It could be a spell, a Sbux gift card, a pendulum, a mug – whatever. But choose something that’s tangible and when they look/experience it, they can light up with joy over the amazing work you created together.

Now, I feel I must share that this is not a good time for promo codes to continue working with you. That’s absolutely something you can do, but it doesn’t really say thank you. It kinda says, pay me more money. You know? When rolling through your noggin on what you could delight your clients with, think about gifts that truly have no-strings-attached. Come up with something that excites you as much as it will them.

I actually got this one from Lizzie. Look below to see more awesome ideas from her. ????


Lizzie’s Creative Biz Bootcamp is a great way to get ideas on this. She’s also recorded a few episodes on her podcast on client processes in general:

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As ultra-creatives, the greatest lie we’ve been told is that we have to focus on one thing. This is why I always refer MGs to Lizzie, because she does a big f** that every day. ✌️ How? By bringing her community into the aesthetics of what she’s creating rather than the specificity of it.

It’s in our nature to swing from idea to idea. We’re not meant to settle or get too comfortable in one area. That’s not to say we can’t find our stride or our sense of peace – simply we are those who operate in the form of creation. And it’s the art of the creation that brings us home rather than anything else. So how are we supposed to feel fulfilled when we try to stand still?

With that being said, I can understand the desire to have a sense of stability, ease, and productive flow within your work. Like, hello – fair! I mean, it’s never a good ending to the day when we just busted out 8 hours and feel like we didn’t get anything done. #multi-tasking

So, the way to offset that is by setting up our own processes with an intuitive balance and channeled focus.

IMO, as you already know, I believe the key to having intuitive balance is by pursuing inspired action. Which is usually the strong pull creatives get when they want to try or do something. To make that as successful as possible, you want to implement structure within your process and workdays. Meaning, build a foundation of tools, resources, and routines that allow you to pour out your creations rather than constantly creating systems in order to create. You know?

On top of that, having channeled focus is an additional tool that we must utilize in our pursuit of inspired action. And in full transparency, my current area of growth. Focus is the determining factor in whether or not we follow through and complete projects, not our ability to multi-task. So, to really take it home and make good on our beautiful, creative whims, we need to put the phone in a drawer, block off hours for project productivity, and store away our spontaneous ideas/thoughts for later. As Lizzie said on the show.

That last one – storing those hits for later – I think is definitely the hardest. Which is how having these containers for creation is so helpful. What I like to do, when I have the mind to do it, is store away those ideas in the corners of my notepad or detail them out on a Notion page. That way I can come back to them when I’m ready to bring my full focus to that spark. It’s just like Lizzie’s hot take – it’s not about how everyone else is getting their work done, but about what allows you to get that work done. So, beat to the rhythm of your own drum, my friend. ‘Cuz that’s what you were made to do.


  • Lizzie’s hot take on client processes was that you don’t need to make them like anyone else’s – they just need to serve you and those you work with.
  • A smooth-running client process increases the value of your business and offerings. People like knowing when and how something is going to happen. And the fact they can depend on that is a big plus.
  • The way you shape your client process is like the way you would design your AirBNB.
  • Client processes aren’t just for the client – they are also for you. They are a great foundational tool that you can come back to when your creative mind starts to pursue other ventures – like Lizzie and her new candle brand. ????
  • If you’re an MG or a multi-passionate, don’t feel that you need to only focus on one thing. Instead, do what Lizzie does – invite your community into the aesthetics of what you’re creating, not the specificity of it. This will give you more freedom to chase whatever is in your heart at the moment.


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