The third episode of the first season, my friends! It’s time to get gabby. For 20 weeks we will be taking a course in Spirituality 101. I’ll introduce you to elements of spirituality so that you can pick and choose which practice is right and aligned for you.

In this episode, I bring in the beautiful, insightful, very scientific Esther Loopstra to help us connect to our intuition and make it an abundant partner in our life. Esther is an intuition coach, artist, and instructor. She is my absolute favorite expert on intuition and I am giddy bringing this episode to you. A few times in this episode, you’ll even hear the excitement from Esther’s cat, Jesper. 

Intuition – an unshakable knowing within oneself – the wisdom, guide, and awareness we all have within ourselves.



What do we want in this life? There’s two things:

  1. We want to know our authentic self and come into alignment with who we authentically are.
  2. To share that authentic self with the world.”

There are so many things to take away from this episode. I was there, and I know I will be visiting this audio often. Intuition is the needle on our compass. Remember, our trifecta is the compass itself, and the intuition tells us where our north is. 



Esther is an Intuition Coach and Artist. The best way to find out more about her is just to head to her website. She has so many goodies there. Here’s a few places I’ve picked out for you to start. Below is a link to The Three Moon Collective, which is Seattle’s guide to the wellness world. Both Esther and I are collective members.

Body Scan Meditation

This is the exact meditation / visualization that Esther uses in her Intuitive Life Sessions to guide clients into a place where they can clearly hear their intuition. And it is an absolute gift for her to share it with all of us!

About Esther

Esther has lived a creative life as a commercial artist for 15 years! She has been obsessed with intuition and flow, and has become an expert. She continues to educate, enlighten, and ground the spiritual community. She’s a gem!

Esther’s Artwork

Seeing Esther’s art is one of the my favorite things that pops up in my feed. I like to describe it as conscious playfulness. She explores intuitively within her movement and work and, it’s absolutely memorizing.