Curiosity-Led Prospecting 101 + Stepping Away From Attention-Grabbing Techniques

I came into a rude, brutal awakening when I realized I was trying to manifest my dream clients without actually doing any of the work. For so long, I was stuck on this semi-egotistical belief that if I build it they will come. Anyone else in that trap right now? ????️ Well, if you’re anything like me – or perhaps just not a Projector – then that hasn’t been working out for you. Not to fret, though, because I’m about to share the thing that changed the trajectory of my business. Get ready for a breakdown of exactly what it is that I do to book my dream clients – without selling or sending out endless pitches. And how you can do it, too.◗ ▸


Prospecting is so much more than selling — it’s about serving, not selling. More so than anything else, it’s about seeing those that are in front of you. When you’re reaching out, you’re saying, “Hey – I see you.” Prospecting can be as easy as that. It’s incredible. Prospecting in a way that is aligned, in a way that is nurturing, in a way that is based in service and not sales, will change the trajectory of your business.


I like to describe Notion as the Android version of Google Docs. Instead of having an endless and confusing collection of folders, you build within a smooth, bespoke database that serves you and all that you are creating. I am in love with Notion and I recommend it to literally everybody. It’s where I spend the majority of my time, how I’m able to do what I do, and the way I work with my clients.

Best yet – it’s free! So there’s really no excuse in trying it out. The aligned strategy template is a great way to get started, but whatever suits you, Notion can support your dreams, your goals, and your ambitions.

And if you need help, feel free to send me a VM DM on the IG. @BlitheMitrals.

And no – I get no sales from this.


Consider this the key to booking your dream and clients. So often we follow that faulty mindset of, “if I build it they will come.” And let me ask you, friend – how’s that working out for you? Because it definitely didn’t work for me when I was focused on it. Looking back, I’m realizing just how lazy that whole approach is. Before you get in your feelings about that, hear me out, first. Because this is not a dig at you. I promise. ????

That idea can be really inspiring, but it seems to motivate us for the wrong actions. It suggests that people will magically come our way, that they’ll find us when they are aligned to work with us, and that they are going to be an instant sell. Do you see what I mean by lazy now? If we want to be able to co-create, then we need to be able to invest in those around us. Not demand or operate with the intention that they will instantly drop that cash just because you did a single Instagram Live.

Unless you’re a projector, it’s just not going to fly for you. But even projectors need to be semi-cautious when listening to that “affirmation.”

It also suggests that your dream clients need to be curious about you instead of you being curious about them. But what makes people book with you is feeling seen and feeling heard. There is an endless amount of content in the world, and it’s going to be difficult for you to stand out in the crowd without investing interest and time into those around you.

Now, sure – content is very important, but the way you get your dream clients to come your way is by prioritizing experiences that make them feel connected to you. Be curious about who they are, what they do, and what they need. Listen to those in your feeds and in your networks. And you’ll organically build connections that will eventually turn into paid exchanges.

Start by making a list of five people that you would love to work with. Sky’s the limit – just whoever you believe you would be of benefit to in their process of creation and flow. Then, just try to touch base with them every day, which can look like many different things – watching their Instagram Stories, reading their newsletters, sending them an email gushing over their work, etc. Think about what would make you want to look into someone and open your door to what they have to offer. And pursue whatever that is.


If you’ve listened to the podcast before, then you know that I am not a fan of attention-grabbing techniques. They definitely did me dirty, and I saw a lot of those in my network who suffered from similar mistakes. I still do, and it really bums me out.

To clarify, attention-grabbing techniques are methods that incessantly try to get you in front of people so that you can finally be seen and known. It’s a bit desperate if you ask me. It also puts too much pressure and demand on Source – so it’s not a friend to co-creation and whatever you’re trying to manifest at the moment.

Typically, the way that we try to get in front of the camera, or just people in general, is by pitching to major platforms and busting out an exhausting amount of content. Your focus may be only on opportunities for people to see you, instead of you creating opportunities to connect with those that are most aligned with you. Basically, you’re focused on getting in front of everybody instead of meeting the “right” people. And you may get lost in all these ways that you put yourself out there without actually building a sympatico connection – forcing others to have a connection with you without you building that connection with them.

So it’s a lot of work that gets you to a place that you probably don’t want to be – which is tired, exhausted, and without that true proximity to your dream clients. This can come from the pursuit and false feeling of needing to have X amount of followers and X amount of subscribers. But it’s not the numbers that matter – it’s the types of engagement you receive.

If this is a space that you are in, I suggest stepping away and thinking about the impact you want to create. Then lead with that.


I am now at the point in my business, where I don’t have to sell to others. I’ve basically already been giving the ‘how’ on me being able to do this, but just to clarify — That is because I am constantly pursuing connection and pursuing service above anything else.

Oftentimes, when we’re deep in those attention-grabbing techniques, what we’re actually trying to sell is that we are worthy of others. And that’s a trap if I ever heard one. When you instead prioritize service instead of sales, what you’re doing is declaring that you are worthy, that you’re are valuable, and that you care about the person who’s in front of you. It takes the need out of having those numbers to build a connection with your dream clients. As in, X amount of followers and such.

To try it yourself, simply think about how can you be of service to someone. That doesn’t mean to give away all of your branded secrets or the things that make you so valuable, but instead it’s just about what can you do for them in that exact moment – right then and there. Provide them with something that is actionable, clarifying, and will help them continue on their aligned trajectory. Trust me – this will make you be seen so much more deeply than any blog post you could ever write.

50% of the time when I have these interactions – and I’m focused on how can I aid them instead of sell them – they’ll ask me how they can work with me. Which is an incredible feeling. Not only did I get to be in my area of genius, but I was awarded their trust simply by offering my value without any strings. Now, it did take me a minute to gain confidence and get to this point, but the bottom line is to prioritize service over sales. Seek out those opportunities and they will change the health of your business.


  • Following the affirmation, “if I build it they will come.” is a lazy trap – putting the pressure on everyone else to come to you rather than you coming to them.
  • Prioritizing service over sales will change the trajectory of your business – for the better.
  • Be curious about those you want to work with and learn about what they need in order to reach their goals.
  • Attention-grabbing techniques unbalance the scales for co-creation, causing your manifestations to become blocked.
  • The key is to focus on building sympatico with your dream clients, rather than busting out semi-effective content (only because you’re doing too much) for others to feel connected to you.
  • When you focus on how you can aid and bring value to your ideal clients, you’ll be in your zone of genius while delighting whoever is in front of you. This will bring in more sales than the pushing of actual sales. It’s about invitation rather than obligation.


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