Is Your Higher Self Playing Small?

Spoiler: if our higher self is playing small, then we are playing small. Stepping into the person you are becoming requires a full embracement of who you are – both the light and the dark parts. And it requires your connecting to your alignment – to your full sense of I. I recommend looking through a non-linear lens, and I’ll shine some light on how to do just that in this episode.◗

◤ This episode is one of a stream of consciousness. Strap in for a wild ride in connecting to your sense of I. So hot tip, if my slower pace drives you crazy, listen on 1.5x speed. I don’t mind! ▸


It’s not how much moves you can make in 24 hours, it’s not boujee manifestations, it’s not will I finally get my life partner – it’s not rushing to all of these things. It’s again, to live is to grow. It’s to be in the moment, to be in the experience, to be in the journey. That is the thing we want to chase. And when we can really allow our attention to be there, to be sitting with us, to be in harmony with us, that is when we are able to allow our higher self to play a bigger role within our day to day life – within the person that we are becoming.


  • the things around you
  • the people you keep by your side
  • the opportunities you engage with
  • the activities you practice
  • the energy of the places you spend your time
  • the energy of the movements you take action in
  • the energies of sympatico from your community


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Before diving into this episode, I highly recommend at least listening to the episodes on the trifecta, your intuition, and psychic energies. Having a well-rounded understanding of these concepts and the way they work within you will provide an edge and foundation in being able to connect with your higher self on a greater day-to-day basis.

JIC, here’s a quick breakdown to help you take them and run.

TRIFECTA – This is your mind, body, soul connection. And it is a major component in our alignment to our inner divine. When our trifecta is strong, we are able to step forward into the light of Source and our authentic self. The best way to utilize this connection is to channel your focus through each element, and then evaluate how they are affecting one another. The flow of the connection impacts the flow of you.

INTUITION – We can choose to look at our trifecta as if it is the compass for our life’s journey. If so, then our intuition is our guiding needle that points us home. Intuition, in its purest form, is simply innate communication of truths. It brings us pings, pulls, and motivation. It tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. And bonus, your intuition is backed by science. Listen to intuition when you can, however you can. Because it will lead you to your alignment and the place that will make you feel like you the most.

PSYCHIC ENERGY – The base belief here is that every single person is psychic. And to be psychic does not mean to have crystal balls, tarot cards, and a neon sign. It means to be a receiver of intuitive information. There are seven different types of psychic energy and you can posses more than one. To embrace your psychic energy is to embrace your intuition, as well as embracing the way your higher self moves through you.


To invoke your higher self is to tap into the connection you have to Source – which is your alignment; the line of energy that draws from your sense of I in the human plane and transcends who we are in the spiritual plane. You have the capability to do this on a day-to-day basis, and it’s tapping into inspired action.

Inspired action is the form of blissful productivity that makes time irrelevant, joy emit endlessly through you, and allows you to cross further into the person you are becoming – something we are passionate about utilizing and living within here at Blithe Mitrals. And I like to think of it as if Source or Higher Self is taking the wheel, just like the saying.

You tap into this connection by being in the mess, by not solely engaging in the light, and by loving every part of who you are. Because to love who you are is to serve and advocate yourself in the best way possible – meaning you’ll make moves, decisions, and actions that aren’t always easy or fun or elating. Being in your alignment is to honor your truth, your worth, and the way you receive fulfillment in this world. And to do that means sometimes saying good-bye or hello to the things that are hard to face.

Choose your truth. Choose what makes you happy. Choose what makes you you. That itself will allow you to channel your higher self on a day-to-day basis. Because channeling your higher self is to channel your alignment.


Instead of only operating through reflections of the past, the hopes of what you wish to become in the future, and the embracement of the present, you can be living in all three at one time. This is a huge advantage because it lets you be fully within the present while simultaneously harnessing the truth of your past and the beauty of the person you are becoming.

It takes a while to fully take on the practice and the perspective of mind, but the work is so worth it. Visualizations are one of the most powerful methods of bringing this lens forward. When a memory pops in your head of past you – of an inner child – allow yourself to step through them as if they were operating in the present, or imagine yourself as present you hugging them and showing them love. And then with future you, you can imagine yourself talking to them, listening to their wisdom, and allowing their awareness and compassion to also navigate what you are doing in the present.

There are several ways you can take this on and practice living non-linearly. The best way to know what works for you is to simply try. If something isn’t connecting, ask your trifecta or your intuition where the best pivot would be. You have so many guides around you – all you have to do is tap into that energy. No matter how you approach it, this lens is a consciousness and a choice. And it is one that allows you to embrace all of your sense of I. And that’s why we love it.


    • Is your higher self playing small?
    • Who is future you?
      • How do they feel?
      • What do they say?
      • What do they share?
    • In what way does Source take your wheel?


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      • If your interest is peaked on what the trifecta is and how it works, definitely check out my article on how it operates and the way it flows through you.