It’s Crystal Clear, with Erin Hollon

We are in episode 10 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. Have you ever listened to a podcast episode on crystals and left it more confused than before? Or completely dazed and ready to fall asleep? Well, I’m raising my hand and letting you know that I’ve been there. And it is a drag, IMO. For me, there’s a conversation that seems to happen before these episodes begin, and it makes things v confusing. So I invited Erin Hollon – someone who is so crazy in the know about crystals – so that we could have that conversation. You’re welcome!

As a bonus, you’re also going to learn why affirmations are so powerful and how they affect us.


And in the case of a human and a crystal, we have a lot of vibrations that we’re made up of – we’re made up of water, minerals, calcium, bones. And all of this different stuff. And we’re made up largely of water, which is a substance that easily changes its vibration – changes its state from solid, liquid, and gas. Right? So very, very easily changeable. Whereas a crystal, if you remember our crystal structure, incredibly stable. Water, and all of the stuff in humans, incredibly unstable. So when those two EMFs cross, the crystal wins.

Erin is the founder of Ivy + Light, a wellness coach, Youtuber and jewelry artist. She created Ivy + Light to be a resource to learn how to vibrationally heal ourselves through essential oils, crystals, and affirmations. She has been an ambassador for natural living since her college years, when she found solutions through nature to help heal her body—emotionally and physically. It has become her life passion to share these methods and help others find the perfect balance for living a life they’ll love. Erin is based in Brooklyn as a nomad. 

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Myth #1

You can only use crystals to grid your house with, protect the space around you, and wear as a talisman. And only if you are a sage or a witch. This is false. Crystals can be used for all sorts of practices – like affirmations, energy centering, visualizations, healing, adornment, and so much more! Anyone can use a crystal – simply, the intention you bring to the use will drive out specific results.

The 411 on Crystals

To bring out the science behind it, a crystal is any solid substance whose atoms, ions, or molecules have a replicating pattern that extends into three-dimensions. This is called a crystalline structure. There are many different types of crystals, but for our purposes, we’ll be exploring quartzes and gemstones.

Just as we are, and so is anything organic on this Earth, crystals have an EMF – electromagnetic field. And EMFs are full of positive and negative ions with electricity flowing through them. With anything that has an electromagnetic field, there is a donut shape of energy holding these particles. So, when two things with an EMF come near each other, the vibrational pull is altered.

It works like this: crystals are in constant flowing energy, as our us. Again, we both have an electromagnetic field. So when the fields cross paths, they have to affect each other. Vibrationally we can’t see it, but scientific equipment can absolutely verify this to be true. What is in the crystal and what is in us – they work like magnets, and our particles are not necessarily equal. If they are equal, they will amplify each other. Otherwise, one will dominate the other. Such as with crystals and humans.

Crystals have an incredibly stable, solid structure. Right? So they are able to be altered, but not easily. Humans are made up of mostly water, which can alter easily between solid, liquid, and gas. So in most cases, the vibrational pull of the crystal will win.

Myth #2

Crystals will only work for you if you believe they will. It’s all in your mind and your thoughts control the way they affect you. This is false. That is called The Placebo Effect. So here’s the thing, your thoughts do have power on the effectiveness of the EMF emitted by crystals, but they do not make a difference in whether or not using a crystal works. You have an EMF and crystal have their own. They have their own magnetism and their own energy force. They work regardless if we believe we do or not.

Affirmations, Vibrations, & Crystals

The way you think and what you focus on when you have a crystal near affects the vibrational influence the crystal has on you. In the episode, we explore the following example: If you are using a rose quartz crystal, which is known for love, to help you become more self-compassionate and you only think about the things you hate about yourself when the crystal is near – well, the crystal can only do so much. But if you instead call forward the vibrational effects of compassionate affirmations, like ‘I am free to let go of others’ judgment’, then the influence of the crystal will help you believe it more and more and feel that self-compassion.

Myth #3

You have to memorize all of the different crystal properties and have at least 10 crystals to receive an impact. This is gross and very false. But it certainly does feel that way when listening to other episodes on crystals – feels intimidating. All that you actually need to know to begin is the color you’re looking for. I’ll explain below.

Starting Points


In the previous episode, we explored the chakra system and the traditional seven energy centers. Remember how there is a different color associated with each chakra? Well, let’s look at those now in case you forgot which one’s which.

The first chakra is the root chakra, and it is associated with the color red.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, and it is associated with the color orange.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, and it is associated with the color yellow.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, and it is associated with the color green.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, and it is associated with the color blue.

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, and it is associated with the color indigo.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, and it is associated with the color purple.


Now, if you look closely, you might notice that the colors are lined up through the color system, ROY G BIV. Interesting, right? Well, nature certainly has its ways! And, to your memory’s benefit, the color of a crystal aligns with the vibration of the chakra system. Which means you don’t need to know everything about every crystal to know what’s right for you. All you need to know is what chakra center needs your attention the most and simply go on from there. Simple!

To take it a step further, if you want to focus on harmonizing your crystals as a whole, you could also get a chakra crystal kit and begin there. Erin has a great kit here.


Another great place to start is by attaining the main five quartz crystals, which are listed below. Erin breaks down the science behind the quartz crystals themselves, but to get the 411 on that, you’ll have to listen to the episode.

  1. Clear Quartz – for clarity
  2. Amethyst – for inspiration
  3. Citrine – for abundance
  4. Smokey Quartz – for grounding
  5. Rose Quartz – for romance

Of course, there are so many more vibrational properties that each of these crystals holds. But this is simply something to keep it light, easy, and accessible. If you want more information on other ways these crystals can help, head to Ivy + Light, Erin’s Youtube channel, or do a Google search. You’ve got options!


  • Crystals are particular ions and molecules that have a structure that replicates to three-dimensions.
  • Everything organic on this planet has an EMF, electromagnetic field. Including crystals and humans.
  • We are made up of mostly water, which is easily changeable, where crystals are stably solid. So the vibrations within crystals are more likely to dominate our own vibrations.
  • You don’t need to know about every crystal property in the beginning, or ever, you just need to know what color they are.


    • If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, Get Your Chakra On, plug that track in! It will help greatly with your comprehension of the vibrational properties each crystal has.