How to Create The Ultimate Daily Routine for Manifesting

Ten Ways to Jumpstart Your Day and Co-Create With the Universe

Spoiler: You may have heard some of this before, but I believe Source has brought you here so that you can truly take it in and start implementing the magic you seek in your life.

Following a daily routine is all about setting an intention.

Manifesting can be a real mind fuck sometimes. I know I’m usually questioning with a dropped jaw why some things came through and why others still haven’t. Firstly, manifestations never arrive the way we assume, and that’s kinda the point. But how do we achieve that balance? We know the ability to manifest consciously is absolutely a thing – we know it’s possible. So what gives?

The amount of pressure, expectation, or dependency we place on these desires is what prevents them from stepping forward. I mean, think about it – how are they supposed to live up to that? Also, our literal ability to handle and receive those manifestations will also hold them from landing into our lives.

Shadow work is key for finding if we are ready to receive. But so is the way that we think about what it means to be ready. We want things to come through, not just simply in a day’s time, but within our daily experience. And for that to channel we need to carry a strong intention. That strength is not determined by how many colorful words you use or how eloquently you were able to express that intention. The power comes from how well you are able to resonate with it and then follow it in practice. Nothing more, nothing less.

I find that having a regular routine in which you dedicate to yourself and your prosperity is the ultimate way of creating a strong intention. If actions speak louder than words, than daily routines are absolutely a powerful form in showing up to the Universe and co-creating your manifestations.

So if we break this down, we can define a daily routine as:

  • a self-practice that you dedicate to yourself, your ambitions, and your success
  • a practice in declaring your intentions through activities that help you feel grounded, connected, and able to successfully show up to your day
  • a practice in setting intentions that help you co-create and manifest with the Universe

You’ll have both joy and determination in your day.

If the ability to manifest in a more significant, powerful way does not completely tickle your fancy, then let me throw at you a few more benefits that are gained when you practice a daily routine.

When you have a daily routine that you put into application, positive habits follow suit.

  1. Your instincts and impulses will drive you to nurture yourself by:
    • cleansing your body and your spaces.
    • dressing for the day you wish to have.
    • eating nutritious meals that help you show up to the work in front of you.
  2. Dedicating time to yourself everyday allows you to understand:
    • that progress is not something you can force.
    • the how is none of your business.
    • when you fill your own first, you are able to out poor abundantly into others’.
  3. Your perspective will shift and you will experience:
    • an excited determination for showing up to the work.
    • clarity in your pursuits and what next step it is to take.
    • regular support from your inner divine and a helping hand from your spiritual team.

Compassion is key to showing up to yourself.

It’s important when creating your daily routine, either from scratch or simply revising it, to allow exploration and play to be at hand. Is structure important to develop discipline? Yes. Is it the thing to follow when we co-create through an intention? Absolutely not.

The way we as a collective think of structure and the concept of forcing something to be what it’s not is synonymous in today’s patriarchal society. Typically, when we try to provide structure to a practice or some sort of application, what we’re really doing is suffocating the intuitive flow from entering and igniting us forward. Every day is new, different, and provides fresh opportunities to tap into abundance. We’re not always going to have the same energy every day. Our needs will evolve and recognizing what our inner divine is leading us to seek is the true structure we need in manifesting.

And let me be clear that I’m not suggesting structure is bad. I simply want to encourage you to invite compassion to your routine and allow fluctuations to be a part of it. You can have an ideal structure, or plan, set out for your daily practice, we just don’t want to guilt ourselves for not always being able to implement the ideal.

As discussed in Hannah Exner’s feature on the Spiritual Bitches of Seattle podcast, when we guilt ourselves for not getting something done, we’re prone to procrastinate or lean towards abstaining from our practice, because we don’t want to continue feeling the guilt of not showing up.


It’s important to remove obligations from your routine.

A step beyond having compassion is to remove any pressure in showing up for yourself. The odds are, this is not your first time reading or hearing about the importance of having a daily routine. And even with all the options and routes you could take, there are a lot of practices where it feels like we should be doing them in a certain way at a specific time if we want to have success.

And I’m here to call that hogwash.

Look, I’ll be real – I think the best time to do a daily routine is to do it in the morning. It will absolutely transform your day and your experience. But, I know that doesn’t work with everyone. Not every person has the ability to wake up and just flow into their day with an hour dedicated to themselves.

And you know what, it doesn’t have to be in the morning. It can be during night time, lunchtime, or just any time that you have will do.

I also want to share with you a beautiful insight I was given as a teenager – you can always restart your day. Maybe it’s been shitty, maybe you start working at the crack of dawn, maybe your you time doesn’t start until the kids are in their own flow – whenever you’re able to set an intention and dedicate to you is the time that is aligned for you to follow your practices. Just make sure to start it with that intention and allow the flow to channel through you. 

Always source from joy and what is going to make you feel your best. I think when first starting out, try to make your daily routine a collection of practices that take up short pockets of time. That way you don’t have to be in the thought trap of being lethargic towards how long it will take to do, and then potentially skipping the whole thing.

And then, try out the routine you’ve designed for yourself just for two weeks. Some people say a month, some say just one week, but two weeks is usually the sweet spot. That way you can read if it’s working or not.

10 different ways to jumpstart your day and co-create with the Universe.


Journaling – a way of exhaling and releasing what is bubbling inside of you so that you can become aware and conscious within your life. Usually, we like to do this through pen and paper, but you can journal through typing, sketching, or recording your voice. It’s so adaptable and really helps you give some attention to the distracting bits so that they feel nurtured and allow you to have space to focus on what you have intended to do.

Yoga – a form of body movement that is combined by philosophical, spiritual, and mental practices. You move through a series of postures that help you stretch, align, and challenge your body, as well as free the mind. I like to do this in the morning if I have time, or I’ll do it when I simply need to ease my mind and allow ease to enter my workflow. Either way, I love using youtube and following practices there.

Meditation – a practice of silencing the mind, sitting with yourself as you are in this moment, and building awareness within yourself. There are loads of different ways you could do this. Sitting down in silence does not have to be one of them.

Drink a morning elixir – immediately going for a cold beverage first thing in the morning cools the fire within your belly and makes it harder to digest food. For optimal gut health, drinking a hot beverage in the morning helps your body prepare and get rolling for all the yummy food you’re going to eat that day. Teas, coffees, hot water and lemon, lattes – anything that you find yummy and fuels that fire!

Gratitude Journaling – write down 3, 5, or 10 things every day that you are grateful for. They can change, they can be new, they can be whatever you want to dedicate gratitude to. Having a specific place for your gratitude helps channel and emit it forward into all elements of your life. And without gratitude we cannot manifest.

Read one article or one chapter – for me, I find that I need to block off about 30 minutes to be able to read something in completion. But if you are trying to read more, then this is a great practice for you to take in daily! Open that mind and take in that wisdom, my friend.

Complete one lesson in a course or program you’re in – there’s a reason why you’ve enrolled in this. Letting it fall by the wayside is the opposite of co-creating with the Universe. Continue growing your skill and make it a part of your ritual, honoring the work it takes to develop and grow.

Make your bed & reset your spaces – perhaps it’s the momma bear in me, but I find that I always feel so good when I walk through the house in the morning and reset all the spaces. I fold the blankets, put the clothes away, realign my work shelves, rinse the dishes, line up the shoes, and simply put things in their homes. I find this sweeping movement becomes a gesture for my day to be clear and open to whatever my intention is for the day.

Set your goals for the day – this one might seem kind of obvi, but I want to go over the approach. The idea of determining your goals for just today is simpler than having an on-going to-do list. Our to-do lists are endless. Truly, even when we get to the end, we are still able to come up with ten new things once given the chance. So setting your goal is instead turning that into what do I instead wish to accomplish just today. And also, goals are more flexible. This is what we’re aiming for, but we understand if things get turned around. Sooooo good for inviting an intention.

Dedicate 30-60 minutes to a long-term creative goal – there is a project deep inside of you, whether it’s walking around in a life of its own or its still trapped inside the vision of your brain, that is needing attention and wants you to work on it. So do it! Make this a part of your routine. If mindfulness seems too daunting – the journaling, yoga, and mediation – then skip it. It’ll be there if you ever want to venture into it. But simply doing the action you want to do is routine enough, my friend!


If you’d like more support in your journey, as a life coach who focuses on confidence and wardrobe manifestations, I can help you continue to empower yourself and add tools to your toolbox. To have these conversations is tricky, but I know that our work together would guide you in gaining that strength you’d need to show up and do the work.

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I believe in you, my friend! You’ve so got this. We both do.