Spirituality – Making it Personal, a special bonus episode with the guests of Spirituality 101

I wanted to do something spectacular to honor and highlight all of the amazing guests we’ve had this season, Spirituality 101. Although we weren’t able to come together, I wanted it to feel that we could all hug each other and form a bond from the presence and the work that went into these 20 episodes – to the words that helped us step into our spiritual lives.

In a way, this episode consists of two parts: first, all the guests talk to us about what spirituality means to them in their own, unique way. Second, we have a special continuation of thoughts, experiences, and insightful contributions on finding, evolving into, and living a spiritual life. I’ve been calling this my attempt at creating an NPR special. Reach out and let me know how I did!

BRENDA UMANA, Mindful Marketing Coach

It is a deeper understanding and connection to your values, yourself, your purpose, and what truly makes you feel alive and happy, and feels like you’re walking on your own path. That looks different for everybody, and that’s so broad. And spirituality is really broad in that sense. I think it’s a unique experience for each individual.



ESTHER LOOPSTRA, Artist & Intuition Coach

I like to use the term mystery or unknown. And I think of it as something that is tied into a deeper sense of our being-ness. Other than the mind, right? If we are really honest, we all have experienced something deeper than the mind. Something maybe science hasn’t really put their finger on yet, but other cultures have talked about throughout the years past. It’s this space that sort of connects us all. And it’s a space where we feel connected to ourself and to others.

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SUMMER MONAE, Youtuber & Manifestation Coach

Spirituality to me is understanding that power within ourselves that is unforeseen – but that knowingness that to know we can create within ourselves whatever we desire. To know that it is always going to start from within and then outward. I believe spirituality is within each of us, because we have our own tune, we have our own voice, we gave and our own power of creation. Spirituality is also a way of us expressing ourselves that allows us to really feel free and connected to this supportive energy that we know is there for us in this world.

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ERIN HOLLON, Founder of Ivy + Light

Spirituality is the process of understanding, on a deeper and deeper level, what makes me – what makes you – fully human and fully connected to our entire world and Universe.

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JENI GAGE, Human Design Reader

Spirituality is what are the Universal truths to you. What are the things that light you up and make you want to dig deeper. That make you see the inner connectedness of all beings. And the beautiful synchronicities that surround us. The magic that we have in the everyday. Or just looking outside and just seeing – I have a beautiful oak tree in our front yard – and just thinking about how old that tree is. That is what spirituality means to me. Just thinking how interconnected we all are, how there’s so much to this world we’re still discovering, and just being able to find hope. That to me is spirituality.


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JORDAN SHOMER, Your Astrologer Friend

Spirituality is the acceptance and understanding of our vastness and the ways in which we are bigger than our body.

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SANYU ESTELLE, the Word Witch

In etymology, it means to blow as in to breathe. And I think that we can just extend that to the general sense of being alive. But if you are a client of mine, or you’re familiar with me, you know that I always tell everybody that the nature of existence is to exist. Which means to be. And so that’s all it can do. And so, existence is nature is to be alive. It’s to be itself. It is to be infinite. And it is to be experiencing the infinite.

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LIZA FENSTER, Energetic Healer & Divination Conduit

There are an infinite number of ways to connect with this concept. What I always land on is the term connectivity. Spirituality to me means any practice, any action, any relationship that allows the individual to feel connected to a source of love, and safety, and wonder, and guidance. And so that is what spirituality is to me, in its shortest form.

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MICHELLE PELLIZZON, the Head Witch in Charge at Holisticism

To me, spirituality is being. It is being fully yourself, and human, and acknowledging that – not to sound morbid, but – death is always promised for all of us. And it’s around the corner. And it’s there. And it’s not something that we ignore or pretend isn’t there, but it’s something that we dance with as we live. Every day that we get to experience life, we also get closer to that experience of death. And that space, that liminal space between – where we have one foot in this world and one foot in the next – is to me what spirituality is. And I think that there’s a lot of magic there that asks us to be brave, and to be honest, and to just be ourselves.

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HANNAH EXNER, Founder of Three Moon Collective

For me, spirituality is really, really simple. It’s the belief and also the trust in something greater than myself. And the acceptance that it is beyond what I will ever be able to comprehend or understand on this physical plane while living a human experience.

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EMILY WITTENHAGEN, Founder of Breeze Holistic

Now that’s just sort of evolved into something I don’t really have a name for, but actually is really a self-curiosity, I’d say. Just a seeking to explore who you are as a spirit. Moving through this experience, on this plane, and connected to other spirits in the natural world. And still just sitting with the mystery of all that, to this day. And it will be life long, I think. So the mystery – and just that personal, unique nature of answering it – being the most sacred thing.

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MAGICAL REALNESS EPISODE: Exploring Your Spirituality

MALLORY LEONE, Founder of The Four Corners Studio

Spirituality to me is a complete exploration and knowing of the self. And that means, it’s always a journey, because you’re always changing. And so, you always have to keep in touch with who you are. In large part, spirituality to me is forming something that is completely unique to you. Gone are the days when we all have to adhere to the same rules, regulations, restrictions that someone tells us to. And so I think it’s really important to dabble, to experiment, and to just find the things that are right for you.

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  • To experience spirituality is to know spirituality.
  • Our lack of comfortability with the term comes from a myriad of different reasons, commonly stemmed in cultures, experiences, and familial beliefs – or even not feeling that you are worthy of it.
  • Sometimes, we can get lost in the idea that spirituality is a responsibility to the collective conscious and unconsciousness that surrounds us. But that’s only partially true. It’s a responsibility to yourself. Nothing else.
  • Being spiritual doesn’t mean a 1000% belief in everything that’s relayed to you. It takes discernment. Yes, it also takes surrendering. But it’s more so having a balance in both discernment and surrender, so you can walk in between.
  • To be spiritual is to be present. And it’s your choice – your version of living a spiritual life – that determines the form of the present that you attune to.


  • Listen to whatever episodes you missed and give the message a chance, even if you are in the know on that topic! I’d be surprised if you didn’t learn anything.
  • Check out our amazing guests and let them know how much you enjoyed their insights. That alone is a huge impact in contributing in the art of sympatico.