Lean Into Your Archetype

Archetypes are everywhere around us and we use them constantly to define and express who we are. Really, archetypes and labels are synonymous, but shifting to using the word archetype instead makes the embracement of self feel more like a journey of who you authentically are. Tune in to learn how to take and choose what archetypes align for you.◗ ▸


We’re always labeling ourselves with some sort of archetype. Archetypes are so accessible – they are everywhere – because they are dependable. Right? You choose what you can depend on. You choose what embracement of self is aligned for you and that you can count on. And you can also embrace an archetype at one point of your life and then say that’s no longer me. So archetypes are a very fluid, flexible thing. Some things are always going to be an essential part of you, and some things aren’t. And that’s really important when we’re looking at reinventing ourselves. Because as we are in the journey of reinventing ourselves, we’re not actually trying to reinvent what makes us us. We’re trying to connect with what really makes us who we are and change how we interact with our environment. That’s the key to reinventing yourself. It’s not changing your essence, it’s changing how you interact with your environment.


Warning! This section is essentially just a transcript. Links are above and below.

Michelle Pellizzon, who had a phenominal episode with us on how to read the Akashic Records, well she taught a class through Holisticism on how we can lean into our archetypes and embrace who we are. There’s actually a very specific archetypal system established by Carolyne Myss, “a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.” – I got that from her website. Within Myss’s system, there are 70 different archetypes and we all hold 12 of them – and the way we gained these archetypes are through the sacred contracts we made before we came to this plane.

Honestly, it’s a lot – but it’s uber interesting. Yeah? [In the resource list below], I’ve got a small collection of blogs on archetypes from Carolyne Myss’s website, as well as a Youtube link to a Super Soul Sunday she did with Oprah back in 2012. Check those out if you are so interested, friend!

But anyways, I’ve more than digressed, here. Going back to Michelle’s workshop. It was actually, like, months ago and I’m still like, huh. What are my archetypes? As someone who is indecisive, it’s hard for me to look at a collection of 70 archetypes and try to determine which ones are mine. And this got me thinking – I mean one, I need an archetype reader, but 2) this isn’t the only archetypal system.

Before we continue on, let’s take a moment to define what an archetype actually is. An archetype is a pattern or model of behavior, expression, outcome, etc that you can depend on occurring again. Just to be clear, that’s my own definition, so feel free to challenge. Fair game. But, an archetype is really just a defined set of ways – either in a person, a journey, or experience that can be established as a truth. For instance, we talked about the Hero’s Journey in the masterclass on the great awakening, and that is an archetype – in fact it is the archetypal journey – established by Joseph Campbell. And thus, demonstrates my point on how Carolyne Myss’s system isn’t the only archetypal system. I think it’s very much something to look into, but you don’t have to go down that road.

And, as I started to realize in Michelle’s class, archetypal systems, and archetypes themselves, are everywhere around us. Anything established as a set of ways that can describe our sense of I and elaborate on our identity – that’s an archetype. Tarot is an archetype. Astrology is an archetype. Human Design is an archetype. Real quick, you can go listen to some seirously fabulous podcast episodes on those topics in S101 – with Sanyu Estelle, Jordan Shomer, and Jeni Gage. Also, if you’re interested in exploring your sense of I, we just did a whole season of that. Yep, yep, yep!

Continuing on, those Buzzfeed quizzes you take, the ones you find all over Pinterest? Those are also archetypes. Because, again, they help elaborate and define why you are the way that you are.


Created by Joseph Campbell, the Hero’s journey – I like to say Heroine – is a grounded and authentic flow of self-discovery and self-enlightenment. It captures our process of transforming into a new version of self. So clever, so powerful, so truuuuueee. And the Great Awakening is absolutely reflected in the Heroine’s Journey – for sure. We discussed this more in length in the masterclass on reclaiming your Great Awakening – but I want to get into balancing the awareness of our experience and looking at the present moment. Because that’s how we live mindfully and intentionally when moving through the Heroine’s Journey.

Now, what does this have to do with embracing your archetypes? Heck, everything. The Heroine’s Journey is the ultimate archetype, and it’s universal. In my eyes, it’s spiritual as fuck. Just like Hannah Exner likes to say – a previous guest on the show – the Heroine’s Journey has definitely got “one foot on the ground and one foot in the woo.” That’s perfection in my eyes.

But – moving on and looking at flowing mindfully and intentionally. Right. So, taking my own spin on Hannah’s charming saying, I think it’s important to have one mind in front of the canvas – mindful – and one mind looking at the big picture – intentional. Being the libra that I am, I find it empowering to move in balance, and that’s the point here. When we’re so deep in it, the experience can feel overwhelming, frightening, or like it’s going to break you. Honestly, fair. But that’s why understanding the journey that you’re walking, even though you aren’t aware of what shape it will fully take, gives us the opportunity to hold peace, breath, and trust in every step we take.

And I think this is a perspective and approach we need to carry when we are deep in our Heroine’s Journey, but also when we’re looking to embrace any identity of the self. We need to carry this with any archetype that helps us feel like the truest version of who are and allows us to hold love for both our dark and our light. Transforming, accepting, embracing – these are all empowering forms of flow. Finding a sense of balance in the present while being aware that your future is evolving will be a guide in bringing in those mindful and intentional aspects. And that’s ultimately what we want.


  • Archetypes are everywhere. Every time we label ourselves, we’re embracing an archetype.
  • Archetypes allows us to balance the dark and the light within us, harmonizing the ego so we can accept ourselves for all that makes us who we are.
  • Any type of personality or identity quiz is an archetype.
  • An archetype is a pattern or model of behavior, expression, outcome, etc that you can depend on occurring again.


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