Exploring Your Spirituality, with Hannah Exner and Emily Wittenhagen

We are in episode 19 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. Congratulations on making it this far – what a rock star you are! To give you a bit more support and knowledge on the last remaining, almost lingering, three spiritual practices, I brought on two enchanting and passionate guests to give us the low down on sound bathing, hypnotherapy, and reiki.

In this episode, we wrap up your introductions to these spiritual practices that we have become aquatinted with, and then pivot the conversation to our purpose and mindset in approaching them. This is a longer episode, a juicier episode, because you’re really getting two episodes in one!


I know for myself, I am absolutely at the intersection of being a wellness seeker and a wellness practitioner – as I think many of us are. And I would encourage those who identify as a seeker to follow where their curiosity is leading them. That’s how I ended up where I am – by putting myself in experiences or workshops or around people who have been able to expand my mind, or understanding, or consciousness of all these different modalities or practices.

Hannah is the founder of Three Moon Collective in Seattle, a resource for curious wellness seekers and the intuitive, heart-centered providers who support them. Hannah occupies the space between wellness seeker & provider, She believes that wellness is by no means a one-size-fits-all deal, and applies a “take what you need & leave the rest” approach to her own wellness journey. Her first love was yoga, but she now counts reiki, breathwork, and akashic record readings as her key practices.


We’ve noticed – we’ve all noticed – that’s there just been a real awakening of curiosity to what is spiritual for each person. A lot of people are waking up to the real magic of what it is to be alive on this plane. That there is more to it than meets the eye. And that’s what’s so, so cool to explore – both personally and from a larger sense of what we are all doing here and how we are all connected.

Emily is the founder of Breeze Holistic, and she is a certified nutritionist, herbalist, and hypnotherapist offering whole-person care that brings in nutrition and herbal support as well as forest, sound, and hypnotherapy to help her clients. Her mantra is trusting in traditional medicine to offer simple, powerful ways of healing. She provides an alternative approach to Western medicine for those who are interested in being holistically well.

Emily strives to make her clients feel the way you do when you walk into a forest — calm, free, and full of possibilities, in your body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Bathing

The experience is different for everyone, but simply sound bathing is a form of nurturing the emotional and the physical part of ourselves by playing and listening to a soundscape. That soundscape can be vesseled through a sound bowl or a specialized playlist made up of various sounds from nature or meditative music.

Through the soundscape, or sound bath, frequencies are manipulated and utilized to connect to the brain waves – beta, theta, and alpha waves to relieve or soothe anxiety, overwhelm, and stress. It also can help promote healthy sleep. This is because when the frequencies move through you, they calm and quiet various nerves that are out of attunement, giving them the space to come back into alignment.

Your intention when walking into a sound bath is to invite a deep sense of rest, and explore self-discovery.


First things first, when you go under in hypnosis you have free will – you’ll only cluck like a chicken if you choose to. The sensation is like being in an incredibly deep form of meditation. You are able to move, but you’ll be so calm and soothed that your physical desires will most likely be out of your awareness.

Time has no meaning during hypnosis because we are exploring the subconscious, and the subconscious – as well as you inner divine – does not process time the same way your ego does. This is a real benefit to your exploration because it will lead you to release burdens and filters from the conscious mind and any pent up emotions that are stored deeply within.

When you leave your hypnosis, it is likely you’ll walk away feeling like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


Reiki is a Japanese healing practice, and the word ‘reiki’ means give life energy. What it does is provide healing and attunement by transmitting ULE – Universal Life Energy – to the client by placing hands just off the body. Reiki can be used in various ways, but in its truest form, it’s holding space and intentionally being with someone with the intention of providing for their highest good.

Reiki can do so much, but it’s hard to describe the full extension or benefits of the practice because energy work, in itself, is hard to define – it is so nebulous. What reiki addresses is beyond our comprehension.

Some benefits you can begin to seek out with reiki is relief from anxiety, fatigue, depression, and pain.

Exploring Your Spirituality

The most important thing to focus on when exploring your spirituality is the intention you bring to it – not how much money or accessibility you have to get to the spiritual plane. These spiritual practices are tools that bring us more information, awareness, and consciousness on our authentic selves.

Simply allow yourself to try new things and explore. Listen to your intuition. Listen to the pings inside of you. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and don’t become intimidated. Easier said than done, I know. But here’s the thing: Either this is your time to practice or it is not. And the practice will always be there for you whenever you are ready to use it.

When we practice and explore our spirituality, we are embarking on our spiritual expansion – which let’s you meet yourself and show up for others in the art the sympatico. That may seem heavy, but it is an abundant gift. To pursue it hand in hand, all you need to do is follow what brings you joy and you will find the light within you.


  • Sound Bathing – a form of nurturing the emotional and the physical part of ourselves by playing and listening to a soundscape.
  • Hypnotherapy – a deep form of meditation that allows you to explore your subconscious and release emotional burdens.
  • Reiki – a Japanese healing and attunement practice that transmits the Universal Life Energy to the client by placing hands just off the body.
  • There are no shoulds or obligations in practicing your spirituality. It is simply a practice that helps lead you to a centered, aligned version of self. And there are many ways to get there, so follow your intuition and do what brings you joy.