Something has been on my mind for a while that I would like to get into: Just because I am a wardrobe coach does not make a fashion icon. Those are two different things. Although you can be both, one does not equal the other.

I’ve been finding lately the need to clarify this. Because, again, I am not a fashion icon – at least, the kind of fashion icon you see on Project Runway. In fact, I’ve had more than one person express that they were surprised to learn that I didn’t know of a particular brand or trend. Honestly, I am not bothered with the latest runway look. What I do find important to be aware of is the styling basics, my wardrobe needs, and what makes me feel confident, sexy, and beautiful. I mean, there’s a bit more to that, but really the difference for me is implementing what the industry says is fabulous and what makes me feel fabulous.

My approach, though, is not for everyone or how everyone else sees it – which is my point. I introduce myself as a wardrobe coach and people can sometimes get lost in what their idea of a wardrobe coach is. That’s not to say I’m not cute AF, but that most of the time I’m not dressed to the nines. And that works for me and my lifestyle.

Now if you find it exciting and fun to follow the newest fashion trends, then that’s your game and that’s wonderful! You probably take in what’s coming forward and blend it with your own aesthetic. That’s very creative and a wonderful way to both be elevating and playing with your look. In other words, you’re innovative.

What I’ve just described is someone who could be considered as a fashion icon. A fashion icon is an individual who blends fashion trends within their style and aesthetic, making it their own and creating something original. Fashion iconism is all about chic originality.

Now, let me walk you through what exactly a wardrobe coach is. The coaching niche is still pretty new. There’s not that many of us out there. And because it’s so new, we all do things a little bit differently. Yet, we share the same purpose: to make your closet work for you. That’s a big thing between wardrobe coaching and stylists – stylists hand you the clothes that challenge and elevate you, and coaches teach you how to purge, explore, and elevate yourself in a way that is true to you.

If we look at how I defined a fashion icon – someone who blends styles of fashion in a chic, original way – then I would definitely call myself a fashion icon, dressed to the nines or not. I work hard to make sure that what I wear not only looks stylish, but makes me feel fabulous. And for me, that’s what being a fashion icon means – not dressing like Kate Middleton, but like yourself.



In my work, what I lead my clients through is a form of healing through their closets. I help them set themselves free from comparison culture, and teach them how to be authentic, chic, confident, and bold. Whether or not you’re a client of mine, it’s important for everyone to gather these skills into their toolbox. So let me break these four pillars down for you to pick up and apply on your own terms.

AUTHENTIC is to be in alignment with your nature – your true self – being original. What makes you original is that you do and dress in a way that best serves and expresses you. You never copy others, but instead, let yourself be inspired by them.

CHIC is a niche form of style, done so in a classy, elegant way. Somehow, it’s timeless. It communicates confidence, which can radiate from across the room. The main key of being chic is to have nice, clean lines, as well as to own whatever it is you’re wearing. Dressing chicly is a sure-fire way to dress fabulously.

CONFIDENT means you’re not worried if other people think of you – you carry no projecting thoughts as you entire the room. I think it helps to walk with love, grace, and joy/peace. Regardless, you came to do what you came to do and your focus is on being in the moment. Nothing is going to rob you of the experience you are creating for yourself.

BOLD is being creative, playful, and taking risks. It’s expressing yourself in a way that’s not necessarily loud, but can quietly demand attention and respect. My favorite ways of being bold is mixing colors and prints together – very fun.

Do you see how they all proceed to the next pillar? You can be an authentic, chic, confident, and bold dresser. But you can also just start off with dressing authentically, over time leading you to bold silhouettes, colors, or prints. Also, notice how I didn’t dive in deeply here. I talked about the feeling and how these pillars of dressing stand in application, but I didn’t get too specific. And that’s really important. Reason being that I don’t want to shadow and overtake the beautiful images and visions that are popping into your mind as you read them.

No matter which pillar you’re at or go for, the main key is being creative. Creativity gives you the opportunity to learn on your own terms what aesthetic and style is most authentically and chicly you, providing the space to feel confident and be bold.

Lastly, I have two remaining notes to share:

I didn’t write this so that I could advocate for my coaching practices, but since the opportunity is here I have to let you know that I can help you through this! Healing through your closet is a rewarding, explorative, creative journey and I highly recommend it to any person who is looking for or currently going through a change or transition of any kind. The work is very grounding. It’ll help you walk taller and reach higher, while being at peace and harmony with your life, your ambitions, and your relationships. When you uplevel for the better, that energy is transferred to those around you, which is aids in their growth and expansion. It’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving. Also, being able to know and work with you 1:1 lets us dive in deeper to establish how to play with those pillars so that it suits you.

Regardless if you decide to work with me or not, I want you to know that you are beautiful just as you are – truly, you are! Hopefully what I’ve shared with you will aid in your journey, but more importantly, I hope it showed you that you don’t have to alter your entire being to be the fabulous person you already are. If you decide to tweak or uplevel your wardrobe, know that it’s just like polishing up your jewelry: just because there’s a bit of dirt and grim on our jewelry pieces, that does not make them any less beautiful – but when we take the time to give love to our jewelry and polish them, we are letting them shine and sparkle exactly as they are.

Whether you are a fashion icon, you dress to the nines, or you’d rather not worry about it – like me – just know that you are fabulous, beautiful, and enough. You’ve got this.