Flipping the Script on Consistency


We getting into some real talk today, swimming through tangents, approaches, and pulling the rug on some manifestation bullshit. And we’re going to be discussing all things on routines and consistency. The 1% talk a good game on what it means to be consistent, but what about the rest of the population? Where is the luxury in pursuing consistency when you are a solo entrepreneur? We’re going to spill the beans on all of it.◗ ▸


Flip the script on how you think of consistency. We look at consistency as the way that we are consistent. Why don’t you look at it instead, how can we allow our community members to consume content consistently? So, flipping it from how consistent you release content, or how you show up, or do the things, and onto how consistent your community is in being able to engage with what you create – with what you hold. Right? That is the ticket. That’s really going to help you step away from 1) comparison culture, and 2) feeling the obligation that you’ve gotta come up without any air to be seen, be heard, and take action. Friends, you don’t have to do shit. You don’t have to do anything that’s been laid out before you. It’s your choice. It’s your decision. It’s your alignment. You choose what is consistent.

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The Truth About Consistency in Business

Consistency is a Trap for Perfectionists

The Relationship Between Consistency & Manifestation


Consistency needs a mindset shift. As solo entrepreneurs, the way most of us regard consistency is, frankly, unsustainable. Picture this scenario: instead of taking the time to evaluate what’s required out of our business to be considered an actively engaged partner, we pile a huge to-do list on ourselves that we believe will make us more relevant and bring us bigger audiences. The to-do list then becomes an overwhelming schedule for creating and publishing content. Then, to make sure we stay consistent and trustworthy, we become tied down to that schedule – so much so that we even feel let down by ourselves when we aren’t able to follow through. When that inevitably occurs, we experience a sense of failure – a failure that makes us feel like we’re back at the starting line and have to do it all over once again.

Okay, clearly I’m just sharing my own personal experience, there. Don’t let me push anything on you – but I know you see what I’m getting at.

Here’s the thing in that not-so-hypothetical description, it was completely unnecessary. The only thing that had to be done was evaluating what were sustainable forms of action for ourselves to follow through on. If we had simply started there, that scenario would have played out a lot differently. And in that lies the key – the weight we put on consistency is unbearable, and all that does is hold us back from stepping into the person we are becoming. There’s no need for consistency to be a burden, because it’s nothing more than a tool in examining the exchange of action in a framed perspective of time. Or, in simpler terms, consistency is doing something on a regular basis.

With that in mind, I want to spill the tea on consistency. That it’s not some absolute – either/or – thing. Being consistent is to be fluid, open, and compassionate with yourself. Showing up every Friday to write your weekly newsletter isn’t what makes you consistent. What makes you consistent is showing up when you can in whatever way you can.

Don’t believe me? Well, would you want someone to send you a newsletter every single Friday, even when they had nothing substantial to say? No, probably not. If that happened, that’s likely when you’d hit unsubscribe. Am I right? It’s more important that you release your newsletters on Fridays when you have something to share, not every Friday just because that’s what #manifestationbabe and Corporate Joe told you to do.


In the minds of perfectionists, consistency can sometimes be synonymous with perfection, itself. It’s a tendency for most perfectionists to add excess meaning to what it means to be consistent – having everything right in the way that it “should” be. Again, too much weight is placed on the practice of being consistent.

There’s no fairness in that – no breath, no movement, no grace, no compassion. There’s no need for consistency to be an all-or-nothing application. If you recall from our last podcast episode, perfection is nothing more than completeness. The fact that you show up at all to your personal and business practices is enough, is completeness, is perfection. There are no negotiations, promises, or conditions you have to make in order to be worthy – in order to be consistent. You show up and therefore you are.

So the question isn’t whether or not you are consistent, but rather what frequency of consistent you’d like to be? Again, first look at what’s sustainable, and then evaluate what it will take for you to become the person you want to be. We’re not looking at the destination, we’re looking at the journey. If you want to be more consistent, then give it time and grace – gradually ramp it up and your landing will feel effortless, the way it should be.


Freeing your mindset from the burden of consistency will liberate you and amplify your actions in co-creation. But if we choose to look at consistency as this all-or-nothing, absolute thing, then we are establishing conditions on whether or not we are worthy enough to be able to receive what we are manifesting.

As you know, manifestation is a 50/50 relationship – you bring in about 50% of the work, and Source brings in the other 50%. When you put too much pressure – too much weight – on the idea of being consistent, you’re likely bringing far more than that 50% to the table. And when you over contribute, it blocks Source from vibrationally matching you where you are at – you’re putting conditions on how Source can come through to deliver your manifestations. Yikes!

We want to be in the service of flow – in the service of inspired action. We don’t want to control and determine the way that action comes through. No, no, no. If we do, we suffocate source and it’s going to be harder for source to be able to show up to our demands. So, again, we need to look at compassion when we regard our manifestations and what it means to show up to our co-creation. As long as you show up when you can, however you are able, that’s enough for Source. That’s wonderful and that’s complete. You don’t have to do anything else – that’s all that is required of you.

This is what consistency in co-creation looks like: when you’re ready for the challenge, show up for the challenge. If you’re not ready for the challenge, don’t show up – don’t overwhelm yourself, and don’t make promises that you can’t keep. If you instead turn to a space of embarrassment, guilt, or shame because you weren’t able to show up, that’s the overwhelm of an unnecessary commitment made to an unsustainable level of consistency.

Here’s the truth – you define what is consistent. you define what is a regular basis for you. And that’s enough. Don’t over show up to your manifestations, or else they will have a very hard time coming through. Instead, simply breathe, take in compassion, and be patient with yourself. Simply show up when you can, however you can – that’s the only requirement.


  • Consistency is nothing more than doing something on a regular basis. To be consistent, you don’t have to show up every day in utter perfection. Others don’t define consistency, you do.

  • You don’t need to be a self-sacrificing body to the flow of co-creation. Show up when you are able and that is more than enough.
  • When regarding consistency with content creation and showing up to your community, instead of thinking about what’s consistent for you, evaluate and consider what you can release that will allow them to engage in a consistent manner.
  • Having a morning routine may not be in your best interest. Perhaps a daily routine would serve you better. Or weekly. Monthly. Sporadically. The fact that you come back to your self-practice is consistent enough.


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