How Can You Go Bigger?, with Isis-Rae Goulbourne

This episode is more on manifestation than anything else, but it may not seem all that obvious because we talk about it in a super chill way. That’s because we were far more interested in exploring how to go after our desires more so than standing up and pointing to the label of manifestation. So basically we’re talking about manifestation, without necessarily talking about manifestation. In order to go bigger, you’ve gotta look at how you consciously co-create and align with what you call forward. Get ready to be crazy inspired.


If you’re not a vibration – if you’re not a match for the things you’re asking for, and then getting mad because you’re not getting the things— But you’re not a match for them. So, yeah you want a huge house, but you can’t afford it. You’re not going to be able to afford the tax, all the things, you can’t keep it clean. To just say we want something just because we want it is very different than asking for the things that we are aligning with, because it’s within the realm of what’s in alignment with our soul purpose and where we currently are.

Isis is a business coach, a possibility partner, and the founder of DEUIT, pronounced, “Do It” – an innovation and design firm set out to help you break your mold and create waves in your business. Isis does this with a focus on creative thinking and foundational longevity. And the way she moves through in her process is absolutely mind-blowing. Isis will light you all the way up.

She lives her life by challenge the notion that we can’t have it all. Isis believes that her soul purpose on this planet is to create vehicles of empowerment for others and she does this via the creation products and services that help people live out their dreams and connect with their own soul purpose. Founder of two companies, mother of two small boys, intuitive oracle reader, author, and all around creative badass, she plans to live her life by leaving no portion of untapped personal potential on the table when it’s all said and done.


  • Start out small, but think big.
  • Beggars can be choosers.
  • It takes the same amount of energy to go after a $100 client as it does a $100,000 client.
  • I hate the term small business, because there’s nothing small about what you’re doing.
  • If we make a list of 50 things to do, sometimes it becomes about the list rather than the action.
  • Don’t let the ride ride you.
  • Going bigger can sometimes get translated as I can’t do it unless it’s big – and that’s just perfectionism talking.
  • Going big is internal, not external.


We’ve talked about co-creation before. But if you’re new to the term or still don’t fully understand what it means, co-creation refers to the partnership we hold with Source to manifest and create what we want in this world. It doesn’t need to be a full 50/50, but there does need to be some take and some surrender from you. Source can only do so much work if you don’t show up or don’t let go.

Submitting to the surrender in Source is part of the reason why knowing the ‘how’ is none of your business. To try to control what you co-create is to try to not co-create at all. The only thing to concern yourself with is your wants, your whys, and your vibration. Which in fold will bring you inspired action that leads to the co-creation you seek.

Let go of that need to control or know what comes next. Your alignment and your actions are all you need to allow co-creation to occur. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


The energy is the same for $1,000 clients and $100,000 clients.” — Isis-Rae Goulbourne

How both liberating and scary is that gem? On one hand, it makes everything we want possible. On the other, it can bring up feelings of imposter syndrome, not feeling enough, or not being worthy. :hand Yep! I’m feeling it, too. But what this circles back to is Isis’s quote above – are you a vibrational match for what you are calling forward?

That’s the real question to explore when looking at how you can pivot your energy. And it’s not the exertion of the energy that needs to change, but simply the focus, the intention, and the vibrational pull of what you are emitting forward. This is the real exploration in answering how you can go bigger – in your business, in your life, and in your aspirations.


I’ve now mentioned your vibration a couple times, and if you haven’t noticed, that’s a big key in this episode. Not to be too dramatic about it, but your vibrational pull is everything when manifesting. Which is something you may hear from time to time from manifestation babes or law of attraction coaches – but what does it even mean?

Your vibration refers to the frequency of your alignment, your focus, your actions, and your energetic transference. Not all vibrations are the same and not all of them make the same calling. And it’s what Source and your co-creation respond to in bringing your aspirations forward. Your vibration acts like a magnet, bringing into your life what you are a match for.

One of the many reasons why syncing with the art of sympatico is so important to us, at Blithe Mitrals, is because – in a way – it’s a shortcut to emitting the vibrational pull you desire. If you simplify it all – your vibrational pull, your manifestations, your connection to Source – it can all be rooted in what energetic transferences you engage with. And that melts all around you into all that you do and all that you choose to be. Again, the magnet that brings you what you are a match for.

In the Law of Attraction, your vibration is equal to step 2: believe. In our episode with Summer Monae, she told us to manifest what our belief system allows us. If you don’t believe it, it won’t come forward. If you aren’t a vibrational match, it won’t come forward. Match your beliefs and your vibrations and you will see miracles – you will go bigger – in your manifestations.


  • How can I go bigger?
  • What am I consciously co-creating?
  • Is my action in line with the goal?
  • Am I in the right vehicle to get to where I want to go?
  • Does my vibration match what I am manifesting? What I’m going after?
  • What is my what and my why? Have I been too lost in the how?
  • How can I surrender?