Reclaiming Your Great Awakening

Welcome to a Magical Realness Masterclass – where the episode length is about the same, but the intention is crazy intensified. In this particular masterclass, we highlight why needing things to be perfect holds you back from stepping into the person you are becoming and what it means to go through your own version of a rebirth.

The goal of this “class” is to give you transformative action steps that you can start practicing right now. In this masterclass, we are walking through how to find your purpose and the four-cornered map that leads you that that awareness.


Once you go through that Great Awakening, there will still be those ripple effects. There will still be those associations, those experiences – because, right – our inner children. They stay with us. Who we were yesterday is still a part of us. Who we were ten years ago is still a part of us. Who we were when we were five – it’s still a part of us. And if we want to embrace that joy, that beauty, all we have to do is step into it. So, vibrationally, I believe, we always go through the Great Awakening. And even if it feels like a closed chapter, it’s never fully gone. Because, again, it’s a part of you and a part of your liberation.


I am a phoenix rising through the ashes. I’ve been burning for a long time, and I am ready to step into my abundance, my truth, and my beauty.




There are two meanings, the first originated from historical contexts and the second being the term that we will use. And the historical influenced the second. So, before answering what is a Great Awakening, let’s look at the way the term has been throughout time.

The Great Awakening is well-known primarily as a historical religious term referring to the first three waves of increased religious enthusiasm for the Catholic Abrahamic faith between the early 18th – late 20th centuries. The fourth wave was a response to the evolvement of the third wave, and it led us to a super cool spot where we can accessibly engage in our own spiritual enlightenment. Which I’ll get into below.

Wave One

Territories were heavily divided in how to practice their form of Christianity and the Enlightenment era only made it more difficult for people to come together and practice unitedly. The education and awareness formed in this time evolved religion from a formal practice to instead a personal dedication. As a response to the movement, Protestants created the Evangelical faith in the 1730s and 1740s. The fresh new take, as well as the empowering belief that we meant to spread the word of God to anyone who will hear it, brought communities back together. This is where the term “born again Christain” comes from.

Wave Two

Around 1790 to the early 1800s, American Protestant leaders came together once more to bring peace of mind to the nation. Socio-political uncertainty was spreading heavily. America was brand new and there were a lot of conflicting views on how to proceed and build. Leaders encouraged a more romantic perspective, looking to more a supernatural and a strong emotional belief. “Circuit Riders” would travel to foreign territories and spread God’s word.

Wave Three

Starting in the 50s, religion started to become closely tied with politics, more so than ever before as the Republican party listened openly to requests for “traditional” social reforms. The third wave is highly debated, but there are clear signs that the opposing viewpoints in our social climate and what religion had to do with it was the leading factor in how this stage of the awakening even came to be. Key examples would be the Civil Rights movement and the second wave of Feminism – which encouraged women to step down and stay in their kitchens.


The fourth wave is highly debated, but in truth, it is simply the New Age movement that arose in the 70s and 80s. This was simply a time that promoted and created awareness for personal transformation. Spirituality has been around since the dawn of our planet. We didn’t create it. But at this time, this was where it started to become more openly discussed and explored.


Gentle ripples came through from the New Age movement in the 90s, which has quietly been spreading through our world until the mid 2010’s. That’s when the explosion of wellness everywhere came into our culture.

And now, with a new sense of surgency, we’re reshaping this through the self-care everywhere perspective. As spiritual bitches, the way we use great awakening is more closely tied to the discovery and understanding of the toxicity that has surrounded our world and held you back. It’s learning you are Truman on The Truman Show and your life is not what it seems.


1. You feel backed into a corner emotionally.

2. You’re beginning to feel fed up with behaviors you previously tolerated.

3. You feel called to explore other sides of yourself.

4. You’re noticing things about yourself you’ve never realized before.

5. You felt like you had the world, but then it slipped through your fingers, and now you are on a mission to find out why.


1. Go into your dark forest and tune in.

2. Nurture yourself.

3. Explore what it is you truly want.

4. Try out things you feel called to do.

5. Create a self-practice.

6. Make this into something that is in service of you.


  • The Great Awakening is the realization that you’ve been living with a false perception of the reality of your life, and it creates the liberation of living spirituality within your own alignment.
  • Moving through your Great Awakening is like experiencing the Heroine’s Journey, and is regularly referred to as a rebirth.
  • The Great Awakening is derived from the historical religious enlightenments of pursuing the Abrahamic Catholic faith.
  • Take your time and have compassion for yourself when you go through your Great Awakening. For everyone the experience is different, and leaning into your intuition will be a guiding light.


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