This is the breakdown of how I gained clarity and found my navigation in this space. I’m hoping it will help those who feel lost in this time gain a sense of direction to follow.

I know I am not alone in sharing that I have had a tricky time finding how I can respond to COVID-19. I’ve been very silent and incredibly overwhelmed. These last four weeks have felt like the journey I didn’t ask for.

I was planning, preparing, and doing all of the things to have a fruitful, easeful, and transformative time in Australia. I was originally supposed to be there for the first three weeks of April. We were prepared for a grand adventure, and found our world instead to be full of sorrow, worry, and anxiety. The decision to cancel our trip both feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. I haven’t moved at all in this quarantine space, yet I have expanded and grown to the extent I feel I’m sitting in new skin.

Naturally, it has been a bit difficult to find my new grounding. I have been unsure of what to do, what to say, and how to reach out to anyone that I could be of use to. I went silent.

Life coaches are supposed to have it together – which I have lots of opinions about – yet so many of us have never gone through something like this. Somehow, not just life coaches but all sorts of lightworkers have shown up with resources, events, and services to aid whoever is in need. Watching this unfold has been spectacularly staggering, feeling that the time I was taking to adjust was wrong – living too much in a first-world mindset instead of a global perspective.

Instead of being present, I dove deeper and deeper into myself, searching for the “right” way to respond to this, nestling into the nooks of comparison culture. Yes, I still fall prey to that nasty devil from time to time, because it is sneaky! I was comparing myself to all of the other lightworkers and how they were responding. Although I couldn’t pin-point it, this made me feel like I had missed the boat and it was too late – that whatever I had to offer wasn’t good enough or needed.

What other people have been bringing up and responding to are the loud feelings of scarcity, panic, fear, anxiety, unstableness, and so on. Although my work helps individuals with these topics, it’s not rooted in addressing those feelings. My work is about transforming out of that space, letting go of unworthiness, and becoming the person you are called to be. I acknowledge that the addressing of this scared, hopeless energy is important. It’s just not the conversation I feel aligned to specifically hold space for – not that I would ever be dismissive or unwilling to speak about that with someone who wanted to break that down with me.

I have seen an abundance of lightworkers respond to that energy, which makes it feel like that’s where I should be, too. Yet, the headspace I keep coming back to is how I can make the most of this time, to make it the gift I need most from source, and dive into the opportunities that are right in front of me. And that is what feels best for me to attract into my work and be what I choose to respond to.

Which leads me to my big reveal.

I’ve decided to make lemonade out of lemons and I call forward anyone who wishes to do the same. Please consider this your invitation to come to my new lemonade stand: a collection of curated offerings for those who wish to make the most out of this pandemic flow – served on theme.

If you would like to learn more about this, click below.



Until then, know that my heart goes out to you – it goes out to us all. As I have held space to fight for you and your desires before, I continue the fight now – all you need to do is reach out and ask for it. I am so here for you.

As always, I believe in you. More now than ever before.

Wishing you warmth and health,