The Human Design Liberation, with Jeni Gage

We are in episode 11 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. Here we are gifted with a wonderful Human Design Reader, Jeni Gage. She walks us through the different energy types, gives us the tea on purist practices, and shares with us her own perspectives and enlightenments living with the knowledge of her own human design map. There is a lot of gabbing in this episode, but it goes by so fast from all the good energy and fun held in this conversation. Listen in to hear how you can be liberated with your own human design map.


If you approach life, after really seeing Human Design, as if you’re here to play with these energies and learn these different things, then you’re not limited by your schooling, your family of origin, or the cultural norms that are being placed on you. You’re living in high definition! You’re seeing new things, you’re opening to new pathways, you are interacting with that consciousness field – and creating. You’re living in a different world than if you were living in the conditioned mind.

Jeni is a human design reader, meaning that she reads your chart and helps guide you to an understanding of self and the way that you energetically operate. She’s all about using human design as a pathway to living a life you love. And nothing does that better than to know your true, authentic self. When Jeni heard about human design for the first time, she finally was able to start aligning the steps of learning the human that she was and the way that she innately operates. Jeni has so many options for chart readings for not just yourself but also the loved ones around you. You got options!

Human Design

As an entryway, right from the get-go, you can think of astrology as the map of the soul and human design the map of the body. And beyond that, because human design is energy centered, you can even think of it as a key to the art of sympatico and understanding how your energy rises within that harmonious flow.

Human design is a map that shows your uniqueness and intricacies as an individual, how you operate in various situations, and the way you interact with energy and the world around you. It is incredibly illuminating and has taught me what kind of rest, nurturing, and social relationships I need in this lifetime. A total winner.

The study was created with a mixture of astrology, I Ching, and various chakra systems.

There is so much more to human design than what we share, here. This is just a quick introduction and if you have a calling to learn more, reach out to Jeni! She can give you the tea.

The best place to get your chart is at Jovian Archives. They offer charts for free and they are so easy to read! Of course, easy to read in being able to receive information. Don’t worry if at first you look at it and you are thoroughly confused. A simple Google or chat with Jeni will straighten you out.


They make up ~ 70% of the population and generators have two sub-types. They are considered to be the driving force of the population, fueling everyone else with the energy needed to be produced, or circulated, on the human plane. And for they receive their information and sovereignty from their sacral center – which is between the belly button and the genitals.


These guys are total power houses and seem to have an endless amount of energy. Hi, ???? this me! And with all that power comes great responsibility – in that they need to be choosy in where they put their energy. If what they’re doing doesn’t fill them with joy, they are out of alignment and might get lost in a haze of ‘shoulds’ rather than feeling fulfilled and lit up in their life.

It’s important they respond in life, meaning they need the world to come to them. They don’t go out looking for meanings – purpose will find them. Trusting flow and intuition will give them their biggest advantage.


Jeni compared MGs to a hummingbird, and I couldn’t agree more! Their energy comes through in intense spurts, and they have to get up and take breaks throughout the day. It’s like a spike roller coaster, and you just gotta ride the wave. Or, how Jeni put it, they take flight at crazy speeds, but then pause and sip before heading to the next flower. Such is a manifesting generator.

MGs need to initiate for things to happen, as well as wait to wait to respond, just like pure generators. Meaning, the action needs to be sparked within them before they can go out and spark other people’s energy.


I keep finding more and more projectors in my path, and I am loving it! Projectors are here to step through the cracks and guide us through a straight line. They see what we can’t see. Jeni is a projector, and so are several of our guests this season! Projectors are considered to be non-energy types – meaning they need someone to bring their energy forward to engage and flow with others. They also make up ~20% of the population.

Big keys for projectors are to reserve the energy they have and be selective with who they share it with. They are not hustlers – they need to work in flow rather than try to bust things out all day long.

If you are working or are close to a projector, it’s important to make sure you hold reverence for these non-energy beings and give them recognition. They need it more than you can imagine and it’ll make a difference in the longevity of your relationship.


Manifesting generators are a hybrid of pure generators and manifestors, so you’ll see some strings, here. They make up ~ 9% of the population and are the only energy type that is able to directly initiate with energy. As in, they are able to call and direct it forward. They were sent here on a mission and it is their responsibility to tap in with their vision to be able to see it clearly and pursue it.

Even though they are called manifestors, it doesn’t mean that it is easier for them to bring manifestations their way. Their name refers to their ability to co-create without a direct connection or harmonious movement with Source. They just need to walk in their alignment and those co-creations will come through. Source will meet them if they are called.

Confidence will be a major aid to a manifestor.


And here we have our sparking unicorn! Reflectors make up ~1% and they are here to mirror back what’s occurring in society and share their innate wisdom with us. Jeni described them as half energetic sponges and half protective aura. So they are all to experience all of humanity, but do so at a distance. Essentially, they reflect you back to you.

Reflectors will need to take time to sift through the information that has come their way and tune into their own essence to know what is in true alignment for them. If they are disappointed, then that is a signal to pivot and take another path.

Simply moving through flow and riding the waves are going to be the best form of action for reflectors. When they need to know something, it will come and they’ll be aware.


  • Human design is the map of the way our energy flows and how we operate in this plane.
  • Generators – they are the powerhouses of the population, fueling the world of energy and movement, making ~70% of us.
  • Projectors – they are here to see things in a new light and show us different pathways to where we want to go. ~20% of the population.
  • Manifestors – here to reinvent the wheel and originate on their on their soul’s mission. ~9%.
  • Reflectors – they mirror society back to us and share wisdom to enlighten us, and they make up ~1% of the population.


    • Jeni has a wonderful source of articles that I highly recommend giving a read. They are very illuminating and accessible.
    • Madison Ayers is my reflector friend and she is a body positivity coach. If you want to have a healthier, kinder, and compassionate relationship with your body, she’s the lady to call!
    • Insight Principles – Sydney Banks
    • Gene Keys – an alternative to Human Design