Intuitive Astrology, with Jordan Shomer

We are in episode 12 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. And it definitely is an explorative gab session, in the best of ways. We discuss the study of astrology, planetary days of the week, the north and south nodes, the tea on horoscopes, and where to start. I had so much fun recording this episode with Jordan, and I hope you will enjoy it just as much listening to it.


But the thing is, the planets are going to keep tracking their cycles in the sky whether you believe it or not. Astrology is a science and mathematical, but I view it as poetry. To me, every astrologer is a poet. And what a poet does is convey meaning. And so my job is to translate the complexities and nuances of astrology in a way that resonates with people’s hearts… So, astrology is so many different things – there are so many different approaches to it. But for me, it is such a powerful channel for self-discovery, and for self-affirmation, and ideally self-love.

Jordan is the astrologer behind Your Astrologer Friend. She’s so down to earth and shines so bright with her joy, connectivity, and willingness to dive in with you wherever you are. Jordan became an astrologer overnight after learning through a medium that her ancestors said it was her true calling this lifetime. Isn’t that uber magic? She loves getting to know her clients on a regular, on-going basis, and can support them through birth chart readings, Saturn return readings, and regular 1:1 check-in sessions. Read more about her story on her website or follow her on Instagram to get the full low down.

Earthing Astrology

Many people believe that astrology is a belief system, but in reality, astrology is a scientific system. It is the study of planetary cycles and patterns, and the study of how the movement of the planets affect our Earthly experiences.

This study was originated through the Babylonians, and it started out with simply looking at the sky. They marked the planets above us and found ways to note what was to come. Now it has collectively evolved to where we understand the impacts to such the extent of what we are able to read today in modern astrology.

To clarify, astrology is not a belief system. You can use it to anchor you as you would any other archetypal system, but astrology is a science. Astrology impacts us whether we believe it does or not.

How to Move Through Astrology Intuitively

To flow through intuitive astrology is to move through the astrological information instinctually, with your intuition being your guiding compass. Intuitive astrology is a form of study that uses both the science side (cold) **and the woo-woo side (warm), melting the two together finding a harmonic balance (room temp).

On a whole other level, astrology is a practice to meet yourself, understand the way you operate, and learn the way you can build compassion for yourself. Astrology doesn’t give you all the information on what’s the come. So that’s where your intuition becomes especially handy – because the information we do receive for the future is more so a sense of knowing so you can prepare yourself and step into the aligned light for you.

Making Your First Steps Into Astrology

As is key when moving through intuitive astrology, follow your instincts when you are diving in for the first time. Dip your toes in here and there and see where your inner compass takes you.

If you’re interested in hiring an astrologer to read your chart, give it some time before fully jumping in. Finding the right astrologer for you is like trying to find the right therapist. Lean in and graze through different practitioners, looking at their social media and online content, until you get that message that this is the person for you.

And as far as horoscopes go, here’s the thing: they are written for your rising sign, and most of us read it for our sun sign. So that’s why the information doesn’t line up very well. You can use horoscopes as an entry point, just know your rising sign and read for it. If horoscopes don’t resonate for you at all, ditch them. Follow where your compass guides you, not what necessarily is the first thing that pops up on your feed.

There is so much more than your sun sign, and knowing the six basic planets will help you gain a greater sense of I.

SUN – our ego and personality

MOON – our instincts and subconscious

RISING – our reflections and outer experiences

MERCURY – our intellect and reasoning

MARS – our passions and driven action

VENUS – our sense of attraction and harmony with the world

And definitely don’t worry about what other people’s signs are. It’s not a crime or ignorance to not know what all the zodiac signs represent and what they say about a person. In fact, Jordan says that knowing someone’s sun sign is to know almost nothing about them. In the episode, she told us that our sun signs are more like our personal movie genre, but that’s not enough information to learn about the person – or the movie, if you will.

Getting a Birth Chart Reading

In a birth chart, astrologers are able to read everything about you. And I do mean everything. For example, they are able to see information on your chronic health, emotional inner child wounding, and societal expectations. What they see is incredibly expansive – again, a good reason to use your intuition as your guide.

To get more information on Jordan’s readings, just head to her website. Regardless of whether or not you want to work with Jordan, to have your birth chart read, you’ll need your location, date, and exact time of birth. And make sure you bring a notebook! You’re going to get a lot of information.

The North Node and the South Node

Just in case you’re hearing more information about these and are totally in the dark to what they refer to.

The nodes represent the soul’s energy – your purpose and past lives. The north node is what you are coming into this world with. Your life’s journey is to align with the gifts of your past selves. With the south node, it is the energy we collectively need to release on a conscious level.

Think of it as what we are inhaling towards (north) and what we exhaling to create ease and space (south).


  • Astrology is not a belief system. It is a science and study of how the movement of the planets affect our Earthly experiences.
  • Intuitive astrology is a practice of using your instincts to guide you through the science and woo to find harmony and the information that is most aligned for you.
  • You only need to know your signs – astrology is a personal study.
  • To first start off, simply find out what your sun, moon, and rising signs are. Afterwards you can follow your Mercury, Mars, and Venus signs.
  • To get a birth chart read, you’ll need the location, date, and exact time of birth.


  • Read Jordan’s blog on the planetary days within a week to get the full low down on how to move through weekly based on the astrological alignment.
  • If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, Connecting to Your Intuition, with Esther Loopstra – plug that track in! Learning how to tune in with your intuition will be such a win