How to Build Your Magical Life Garden

What is a life garden and how do you build one?

Two parts dreaming, one part manifesting, three parts goal setting, two parts saving your darlings for later.


It’s a tool to help you align your direction and plant the seeds for your future.

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Navigating your life journey.

No matter where you are in your life journey, whether you’re just starting out on a new path, you’re an aspiring practitioner, or you are deep in that soulpreneur game, taking time to organize the various elements of your path will be of such benefit to you.

Having a practice for nurturing your path and reflecting back to the progress of your journey is crucial for consistency, clear-headedness, and fruitful approaches to all that you do.

And here’s the thing: you may believe you have one goal, but after sitting down and looking at all the various pieces, it’s easy to see that we actually have several. If whatever you have in front of you takes longer than a day, it’s a goal that we simply break up into various tasks.

It can be really tricky to tell the difference when you have even a fraction of yourself outside of alignment. And with everything that flows through us and around us, self-alignment must be a consistent practice. No pressure of course! We just want to ensure we’re practicing what feels good and keeps us at our best.

And this is why I am so in love with my life garden. More than once it has been my ultimate savior. I have allowed it to blend within the entirety of my whole life. I use it as a home for everything – all of my goals, dreams, and desires, and tracker for growth. I also use it as my happy place – my haven for connecting to my inner divine and spiritual team. This practice shows me where the space is for me to follow my bliss, and that clarity is priceless.

See, clarity is often the thing we miss when first start off – with anything. The excitement, the drive, the soul on fire, it all keeps us moving forward. But it can also have us keep trekking onwards upon several different paths. The need to just keep moving and never stop can lead us to jump ahead to wherever we find a landing spot, instead of following the one path that is aligned for us to travel.

That’s why I consider having a life garden the tool, the exercise, for dreamers with big ambitions on their shoulders. It will give you clarity, insight, and help you connect to the real possibility of what you’re doing.

A life garden is simply an organization tool.

Or is it?

A life garden is where you list everything you’re working on and want to work on, and then have each item categorized into a particular flower bed. Your list can be specific or it can be general. It’s a way to get it all out on the table, and then prioritize what’s most important.

Taking it one step further, it’s a visioning tool that helps you see each element on their own and how they all connect together. It’s incredibly useful for finding which darlings to press pause on.

You know how it goes – with that excitement, drive, and fire, as we may continue to walk all the paths, we usually want to do all of the things at the same time. But if we’re spread too thin and can’t find which is the starting point and which is the completion point, we’re aren’t going to be able to truly move forward.

What makes the practice of building a life garden so strong is the representation through the analogy. The way you tune in and find the line to walk on is by asking this one simple, yet powerful question: If your life was a garden, what are you growing?

The process of planting your life is so organic.

The way I found the life garden practice was through session with my life coach, Justine Joslyn. We created the practice together in collaboration.

The reason I was able to describe the experience before of what can happen when we try to do everything at once is because I used to be buried in my aspirations. Buried so deeply. I couldn’t move forward and I couldn’t figure out why.

Justine saw the need to define priorities and align with what was actionable in the moment. There was so much going on, that we needed to put our minds together to find how to approach it. What we were looking for was a way to write out all of my dreams and ambitions, all the things I was working on, and then determine what was top priority and what were the things I could come back to.

I was so in a space where I was trying to do it all at the same time. And that led me to try to keep everything afloat versus being able to stride brightly onward.

To get specific, I was trying to purchase property in Bainbridge Island for my AirBNB retreat space, start my apparel line, create my coaching business, write a book, find a man, heal my gut health, create a wellness website, start a blog, and I can’t even remember the rest – I was just trying to do all the things! It was way too much.

Justine had been gardening at the time, and she decided to play with that metaphor. She asked me to think of it like several flower beds. She asked me that question above that I just asked you: If your life was a garden, what are you growing? And that really inspired me. I wanted to take it a step further and not just theorize with it – I wanted to actually turn that question into action.

And thus, the life garden practice was born. At first I wanted to sketch it out, but after sitting on it and imagining what it would look like, I instead opened up a Google Sheet and played around in there.

It completely opened my eyes, my world, my paradigm, and helped me see what exactly it was that I wanted to be doing right now.

The gifts of gardening are endless.

In my experience, and what I’ve seen, I would determine that there are five main advantages we receive when we sit down and take action in building our life garden.

Insightfulness – when we do this work, we get reminders and refreshers on what we set out to do and how many things we still have waiting in the wings to be set free and live within your life. Your perspective will grow and you’ll start to see connections that you weren’t able to put together before.

Clarity – regardless what question you ask and what answers you seek, you will walk away from this knowing exactly what your next step is, where you want your focus to lie, and what is aligned for you. You’ll find what missteps you’ve taken and what pivots are needed to get you where you want to be.

Exploration – Choosing where to travel and what to play with can be incredibly overwhelming. Think of visiting a foreign city and finding all the history, culture, and experiences that are held there – making the choice to see which one can be a tough one to make. It’s no different from personal explorations within our inner divine. You’ll be able to explore in a space that is catered to you and define where it is you want to go. Breathing in ease and joy to stretch ourselves further.


Transformation – the activity becomes an opening of your heart space and is woven with the imagery of your dreams. I have held it so close that now it is one within me. I see my garden so clearly and I return there in my mind when I meditate, talk with my spiritual team, and wish to find the answers within myself.

Reflection – that’s what’s great about sitting down to do the work, especially this kind. Because we’ll be able to have a tracker that tells us how far we’ve come and what it’s time to celebrate for. We’ll know how our path is laid out and what is to be in our journey.

Having insightfulness, clarity, exploration, transformation, and reflection is what people pay a lot of money to have abundantly in their lives. To build a life garden is such a gift and I hope you’ll give it a chance to be a key practice in your life.

How to build your life garden.

There are so many ways you could build your life garden. Post-its, collaging, sketching, or my favorite – listing. And you know, I’m sure there’s another way to do it that I just haven’t thought of yet.

Remember, a life garden is where you list everything you’re working on and want to work on, and then have each item categorized into a particular flower bed. Your list can be specific or it can be general. It’s a way to get it all out on the table, and then prioritize what’s most important. 

And the question to ask yourself is, If your life was a garden, what are you growing?

To help you start this practice, I want to share with you my go-to for building a life garden. It’s actually my template for creating a time and workflow, with a sheet for your life garden. Here’s a video on how to use it, and then just click below to get your copy.


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I believe in you, my friend! You’ve so got this. We both do.