Originally the first season of Fruitful Living, I have condensed that season into one long class. These are fabulous practices to come back to and check-in with regularly throughout our lives – hence, why it is called Life’s To-Do List. There is an accompanying workbook, so head to the Blithe Mitrals website to get your hands on it.

In more detail, in this masterclass we go over:

+ how to regularly follow your own happiness – leaving outside perspectives brought in from comparison culture

+ how to make better plans for your life and spiritually connect with yourself

+ how I both have thousands of dollars in debt and live in true abundance

+ how to get rid of what is not serving us

+ the power and impact in simply showing up

+ where to find safe spaces and how to navigate the various areas of our life

+ the impact of checking in with self.


All of these notes are linked so that you can check out what I referenced! All you gotta do is click on it and it will open in a new browser.

+ Justine Joslyn

+ Money Blog Post 

+ Stephanie Xenos 

+ Hannah Exner of Three Moon Collective 

+ Impact Theory Podcast 

+ Marie Kondo