Pinterest is a Manifestation Haven

How to Use Pinterest as a Vision Board

Spoiler: The odds are you’re already doing it.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest, now is the perfect time to do it.

I used to be anti anything that wasn’t Facebook. Oh, how the times have changed.

I was also not the spiritual bitch I am today when I first learned about Pinterest. It was the summer of 2012, and my new friend Ari and I were taking a break at the camp we worked for. She had a tablet and was doing some serious scrolling. Being the nosey person I was, I took a peek.

I saw a myriad of images – beautiful gowns, illustrations, blogs, recipes, travel photos – there was so much available to her through the tip of her finger. Ari didn’t seem to mind that I was watching her screen, and even tilted it so I could get a better look. She told me she loved Pinterest and urged me to get an account. But my heels were dug into the ground. I had a strict no-social-media-bullshit policy, so my pride wasn’t budging.

I was intrigued, but I wasn’t going to tickle that fancy.

Years later, while getting my degree in costume design at Cornish College of the Arts, one of my instructors made Pinterest a requirement in her classes. I had avoided the resource successfully until this point, and I was not happy about having to make an account. I even asked if there was some alternative I could use. She politely informed me that it was my choice, but believed it would be in my best interest to try it out. Not wanting to get behind, I submitted.

Let me tell you, I am so grateful for that urging. I was scared I was going to be trapped in another scrolling mess, but now that I understand it to be the tool that it is, it’s now my absolute favorite place to be digitally. I use it almost as much as I use Google.

In fact, I attended a webinar by Pinterest recently, and they said that Pinterest is now the 4th largest search engine in the world.

If you were like how I was before, don’t let pride or fear hold you back. It truly is a worthwhile resource and it will help open your world. So jump in, my friend, and get into that pinning fend. It will absolutely up your game and expand what you have access to. And if you let it, it will be a powerful tool for manifesting everything your heart desires.

Manifesting is calling in what you desire.

If you have never heard of manifesting or if you don’t understand what it is, I’d love to explain it to you. Manifesting is energetically calling in and focusing on something tangible to come to be in your life. You can manifest material goods – like cars, homes, or money – and you can call in relationships, opportunities, and experiences.

Everyone says this, but a great place to start is the film, The Secret. It’s also a book, but I say skip it. It’s all in the film and the book is basically just a longer repeat. I was very disappointed after I bought it. The thing is, after watching the film, don’t stop with The Secret. Again, it’s just an introduction. You might become inspired to take action immediately, which is fabulous, just keep it moving. Dive into the world of manifesting and take hold of the practice.

To understand it more fully, it would be worthwhile to learn what the Law of Attraction and the art of co-creating is.

Law of Attraction – There are 12 Universal Laws, and this is by far the most well-known. The law states that whatever we bring our focus on, positive or negative, will enter our lives. There is a caveat to that. Death, murder, or extreme violence is not something you can manifest. There are limitations. It’s possible to manifest individuals who are troubled, but those acts themselves we cannot call in.

Co-Creating – The act of working alongside the Universe, or Source, to bring in what you desire. It works best when you show up 50/50. Stay determined, committed, and disciplined in what you want. Don’t get lost in how it will come through. Just stay aligned with doing the work and Source will do the rest.

Vision Boards help us keep our focus.

A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams, wishes, and aspirations – of what you are working to achieve. They are a tool to help you hone in and focus on not only what you’re manifesting, but also what you are co-creating with Source.

Vision boards can make all the difference in making your fantasy into reality. Reason being is because making a list doesn’t always do the trick. I think it’s perfect for a moon ritual, but otherwise, it may not be the ticket to get in alignment and connect with Source. Part of that is due to the motivation factor.

Keeping our eyes on the prize is essential to manifesting what we desire. That means staying motivated and focused. Imagery can help us get aligned and hold on to the vision. We want the vision to be fluid, adaptable, and more focused on the feelings and opportunities it will provide. That’s why the vision board is so powerful and serves our need.

While at Cornish, the same instructor introduced me to the art of intuitive collaging, which I absolutely love. And it turns out, I’m pretty good at it. Give me some lifestyle magazines, a couple hours, and we’ve got a beaut on our hands. So I am a big fan of cutting and pasting images onto poster board to have something tangible to look at.

And that’s how you would typically create a vision board. Either magazines or printed out images. Something to collage together is the way it’s normally done. But there’s a greener, more active way for us to create vision boards.

Pinterest is a visual expression and tool.

Every time you create a board on Pinterest, you’re creating a vision board. It may not be one intentionally curated to help you achieve your goals, but it is a visual representation of things you want to try and bring into your life.

Pretty cool, right?

If you haven’t used Pinterest before, you can separate your pins into particular topics, themes, categories, or areas of life. This itself is considered a board. And to manifest and be used as a vision board, each one should represent something specific. Then, when you come across an image, you can add it to the appropriate spot. If it feels right, I’ll sometimes add one image to several boards.

Bonus – if you are using Google Chrome, I highly recommend getting the Pinterest extension tool. On the browser, you’ll be able to add images from any site you come across. You can even add images from Instagram.

Side note, you can also use Instagram as a vision board. All your saved pins can be its own experience. Just organize the folders once a week or so, and visit them from time to time.

If you have Pinterest and it’s a mess, give yourself the gift of taking the time to organize and sort through those resources. It’ll be hard to gain that mindset and be clear on what you’re going after.

Scroll through your boards from time to time. Allow yourself to be motivated, fueled, and inspired to show up and make it happen. It’s all about that co-creation, alignment, and keeping your eyes on the prize. Remember, it’s not how you show up. It’s just doing it.

    You don’t need to start from scratch.

    There are a lot of boards out there that you can follow, save, and use as inspiration. You can even save those photos and put them on your own board. So I want to help you get things rolling. I’ve found 10 boards for you to use, the last one being a personal bonus as one of my own boards. Each one of them has at least 200 images, and I’ve listed them by topic.

    Some of these boards don’t have any people of color in them. Which is really unfortunate and whiteness is not something we want to perpetuate or even manifest forward. So just be conscious and aware. Take what is of use and leave the rest behind.

    Farmland, Nature, and Travel Lifestyle

    Aging Well & Looking Fabulous

    Housing & Interior Design

    Travel, Luxury, & Vintage Elegance

    Spirituality Resources

    Modernly Spiritual

    Business: Branding, Websites, Blogging, Tips

    Vegan Recipes

    Girly Illustrations

    Blithe Mitrals Wardrobe Inspiration Board



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