The 4 S’s of Manifesting

The way manifestation is mainstreamed, especially through the #manifestationbabe culture, is incredibly problematic. Not only does it make manifestation itself less accessible, but it also becomes rooted in bigotry. And that ain’t where it’s at – for you, for me, for this entire community. And so in this hot take of an episode, we break down where manifestation becomes harmful and how to walk into a more easeful and flowing form of co-creation.◗ ▸


Co-creation isn’t about having things perfect from the get-go. And it’s not about showing up in a certain way that someone else determines how you should, right? It’s about showing up even when you don’t have all the answers. It’s about showing up just because you wanna show up. That’s all it is. It’s about stepping into the person that you are becoming.

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Manifestation & Sympatico

3 Major Problems with the #manifestationbabe Culture

The 4 S’s of Manifesting with Ease & Flow


Before we get into the no and yes of manifesting, first I wanted to share the eye-opening connection between manifestation and sympatico.

It is so organic for manifestation and sympatico to flow, ebb, and thrive off of each other. Why? Because manifestation is simply the transference of energy, and sympatico is the transference of energy from one individual to another. Sympatico is best applied from person to person, but it’s not limited to solely human transferences on this plane. You can flow in sympatico with spirits, the flora and fauna, ceremonies – honestly anything.


Yeah, so if you want to push it a little further – sympatico is actually magic. But then, so is manifestation. The bonds, here, my friend – they run deep between manifestation and sympatico. And to take it one step further, sympatico is actually just a group/gathered manifestation. So when you’re flowing in sympatico, you’re actually manifesting. And every time the energetic transference returns to you, you’re raising your vibration and co-creating to a new height of reaching what you desire.

We love the art of sympatico – it’s our North Star, after all! – and now with this little insight, we hope we’ve at least opened that intrigue to pursue this practice within your own life and intuitive business. Now let’s get into the not-so-great and then the pretty awesome elements of manifestation.


Now, of course, manifestation itself is not problematic. But what causes those complications are the individuals talking about manifestation. Specifically, those who are involved with and perpetuate the approach of the #manifestationbabe culture. And unfortunately, they are everywhere. When we want to look into manifestation and get those reminders, #manifestationbabes seem to be the first thing we find and the first thing we allow to flow through our current thought process. We don’t all get the impulse to go to Abraham Hicks, because – let’s be real. As great as AH is, AH is actually pretty intense. Like, you got to ready for that, AIR? And #manifestationbabes are a little bit more casual. It feels more accessible to hear about how “average” people manifest rather than big-league individuals. Right? I mean, maybe this isn’t your particular story, but you can see how it’s alive and present, I’m sure.

Also, I need to share that this may not necessarily be a reflection of the Manifestation Babe herself, Kathrin Zenkin. I’ve listened to some of her podcast episodes, but haven’t been able to determine whether or not she’s a part of the culture that we are specifically referring to.

My hope in sharing these red flags is to help you not only manifest intentionally and with a strong ethos, but also with light energy and a true sense of peace. I want you to be able to determine boundaries where you need them and engage in the spaces that make you feel welcome. So let’s dive into the three major issues with #manifestationbabe culture:

1. It’s racist. For starters, I have never seen a woman of color be a part of the #manifestationbabe culture. Now, I couldn’t possibly know every single individual who thrives on that hashtag, but I believe it would be very unlikely to see a woman of color participate in that culture because most of what these “babes” have claimed they manifested is actually just white privilege.

If you are a white individual, it’s so important to take the time to differentiate and evaluate whether or not something has been manifested, or if you were simply taking advantage of your white privilege. Here’s the thing, the idea isn’t to place guilt or shame upon you for doing so – I say as a white woman, myself. ???????????? We grew up in a system that made what we wanted so much more accessible than any other race. There are going to be habits and indulgences that you don’t even realize are oppressing someone else. And the reason why you want to try and avoid guilt is not that you don’t need to take responsibility – we all do – but because more often than not, the guilt will hold you back from making any significant changes and that’s not useful. So simply reevaluate, adjust, and do better. Things won’t change until we change them.

2. It’s based in financial abundance, which perpetuates Capitalism. #manifestationbabe and 10k months are synonymous, are they not? Every time I engage in this culture, I’m encouraged to manifest a Tesla, Gucci, airplane tickets, and a boat load of money. Oh, and make sure I go to the gym while I do it. Get real!

There are so many other types of abundance than having a big bank account. You can abundance in love, spirit, home, work, family, relationships, travel, self-care, education, etc. The list goes on and on. Because you can have abundance in everything. Sure, money helps make things easier to get what you want, but if you have to buy your happiness, are you actually happy?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of money. That’s fine. The issue lies in hoarding the money and not sharing the wealth. #jeffbazos And if you’re just making lots of money because you can, is it really all that rewarding? The thing to do is consider what you need to actually be happy, fulfilled, and live your own version of a wholesome life. Maybe you only need $50,000 a year in order to sustain your dream life. Not everyone’s version of a worthwhile, intentional life is going to look the same. So don’t just look at money – look at the types of abundances that would mean the most to you – and manifest that.

3. It’s gender-biased. In full transparency, I’m only able to talk about this with a small lens, because I’m still learning what it means to be gender diverse and, most importantly, how to create a space that’s welcome to those who are gender fluid. But let’s be real – #manifestationbabe culture definitely caters to cis white women who like the color pink, a full face of make-up, and high heels.

Again, none of those things are necessarily bad – but when you make it inclusive for only those types of interests or forms of self-expression, you’re shunning away diversity and anyone who doesn’t act or talk in that way. And that sucks.

The biggest takeaway from this “reveal,” if you will, is that if you’re looking to manifest, #manifestationbabe isn’t the culture or resource to dive in to. Go to AH, check out my 4 S’s of manifesting, and be discerning of how you follow and listen to in the world of manifestation. Because we all deserve better.


As we all know, the mainstream, 3-step process to manifestation is ask, believe, receive. Sounds simple, sure. But for me, I found it to be too simple. Especially when you struggle with the belief element such as I do. When I began talking about wardrobe manifestation with my clients, the 4 S’s started to slowly come to me and I started to see that there was another way – another way to start slowly building up to the belief instead of having to hold on tight and embrace it right away. So if you have an issue with belief and with keeping up your vibration, the 4 S’s will support you, guide you, and allow you to manifest with ease and flow.

SEEING THE VISION OF YOUR DESIRES – in human design, our charts tell us whether or not we are a specific manifestor or a non-specific manifestor. Meaning, either you need to know exactly what you’re going after or you just need to be in tune with the vibe, aesthetic, and feeling that you want.

Point being, be discerning in what kind of vision you hold for yourself and for what you want. It doesn’t need to be held in a portrait-worthy visual of what you’re looking to manifest. But simply give you enough detail to get excited, hold it near, and tune in to what you desire.

There are several ways you can do this – by journaling, lighting a candle while envisioning, meditating on it, affirming it out loud – truly the possibilities are endless. But let me tell you, I love putting a good vision board together. You can do that with Pinterest or even Instagram, but I like to assemble a collage out of old magazines the most. I let my intuition and sense of creativity guide me and I’m always enchanted by the image that is brought before me. If you need words – written or spoken – rather than a visual, you can journal or meditate on it instead. Whatever serves you, practice seeing that vision you hold for yourself so you can connect to the vibration of it.

STEPPING INTO THE PERSON YOU ARE BECOMING if you’ve been round Blithe Mitrals before, then you know that this step is the heart, the essence of wardrobe manifestation. To manifest through your wardrobe, you simple step (dress) into the person you are becoming. But dressing is not the only way you can do this. Stepping into who you want to be can be done through any form of action – take your pick. Whatever makes you feel closest to that authentic version of you, that’s your ticket.

As you visualize what you want, continue to find ways to take action in embracing that today – right now and in this moment. Whether it’s a thought, mindset, mantra, purchase, practice, conversation, prayer – any kind of action that serves you, continue to make it in whatever way you can whenever you can. The more you align your vibration and that feeling of who you want to be, the more you will become them. This is the heart of what allows you to believe.

STRATEGIZING YOUR AMBITIONS AND DESIRES – so many LOA practitioners and coaches would roll their eyes and reject the application of strategy to your manifestations. But I wouldn’t dismiss it so quickly. Especially if co-creation is something that’s a strong desire within your heart. As we know, co-creation with Source is roughly 50/50. It can have variations, but on average this is where it comes down to. Now, when you create a strategy – an action plan – and you set that intention for it – your goals/desires – you’re telling Source what you’re manifesting and how you plan to take action in bringing that manifestation into your life.

Truly, Source loves a good action plan. They might decide to fuck with it because Source may have something better planned out for you, but for Source to see your intention put into play raises that vibration and the magnetization of what your manifesting. Source will co-create with you to bring you closer to your vision as long as you continue to take action in whatever way you can whenever you can.

That’s why surrendering is so important. If you’re at the heart of manifesting right now, and the strategy is not working, then shift gears and surrender. Pivot the action plan and surrender to the flow that’s in front of you. And once you do that, even if it’s a really hard transformation within your life, you’ll be all the better for it, as well as closer to making that manifestation come through.

SUSTAINING, RESILIENT ACTION – this is the equivalent of “showing up,” but I think this is a nicer, kinder way to go about it. I’ve already said this several times, but pursuing sustaining action is showing up when you can, however you can. And in a way that serves and fulfills you.

So if an action is making you unhappy, or even if not taking a specific form of action is lowering your vibration, purge it. Let it go. Say Au revoir. Maybe it can come into your life tomorrow, next week, month, year, 5 years, 30 years – whatever. If it’s making you miserable to do something or wanting to do something yet not being able to do it, let that go. It’s not a sustainable, fulfilling form of action for you and it’s only going to hold you back from the person you are becoming.

Especially because it’s like a form of punishment. How many times have you scolded yourself for not doing something? Or for not doing something “well” enough? If you’re putting yourself down, then you’re not being resilient – you’re being cruel. And it makes that magnetization within you weaker.

To be resilient within your action isn’t to be hard on yourself or apply pressure. Being resilient just means moving forward and continuing onward. Simply readjust, play, and be patient – co-creation isn’t about having things perfect from the get-go – it’s showing up even when you don’t have all the answers. That’s being resilient.

Now, as you can see, the 4 S’s really weave into and benefit from each other. We love pillars and North Stars at Blithe Mitrals, and you can see how – in a way – the 4 S’s are foundational pillars to manifesting and co-creating your desires. Above all else that I’ve shared here, be kind to yourself, be patient, and flow in the way that most uplifts and serves you. Again, manifestation is simply the transference of energy. So as long as you take action in the art of sympatico, you’ll bring forward what you want for your life. Let your beliefs be true and actionable, follow through on them, and Source will handle the rest.

Also, #manifestationbabe culture sucks. So, forget them, okay? We all deserve better then what the patriarchy, capitalism, and bigotry can bring us. Let’s all manifest that: BETTERNESS FOR EVERYONE!


  • Manifestation & sympatico are two sides of the same coin – and they are both forms of magic.

  • #manifestationbabe culture is rooted in patriarchy, capitalism, and bigotry, and we all deserve better.

  • To co-create in ease and flow, follow the 4 S’s of manifesting:






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        • Abraham Hicks is a channeled spirit guide, through Esther Hicks, sharing the message on how to manifest and flow with the Laws of the Universe.