Tapping Into Moon Rituals

We are in episode 15 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. To understand how to perform moon rituals, you have to understand the moon. Most of this conversation is on how the moon works and flows within its 28-day cycle. In the end, we cover possibilities on how to practice moon rituals on a personal level.

I start off the episode by sharing a personal, spiritual memory from my youth. It’s very raw and sentimental for me, so I hope you enjoy it!


And I think that’s the point, here. The moon is receptive, if you so choose to have a relationship with such a magical beacon. It’s totally your choice, and something to pursue if you have a calling to.


  1. The 28-Day Moon Phase Cycle
  2. The Ways in Which We Are Affected By the Moon
  3. The Moon on a Zodiac Level
  4. Practicing Moon Rituals
  5. A special reading of the astrologer Jordan Shomer’s blog, The Moon As A Doorway Into Astrology, which you can only get access to listening to the podcast (minute mark 17:40) or on Jordan’s website.



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The 28-Day Moon Phase Cycle

1. So, there’s the New Moon, and that’s when the moon is empty, or there is no light shining down. The New Moon represents the thought or action of a birthing. Planting seeds. Starting something new. Tapping into clarity and intention. This is the time when we call forward our desires and make the first step in bringing them into reality. You could even think of a New Moon as a fresh slate.

2. Then there is a waxing crescent. That’s when a sliver of light starts to beam down in the shape of a crescent. Gushes of energy are starting to come through. It’s a time when those ideas, dreams, or plans are starting to take form and the details are becoming clearer and clearer. You think of that seedling starting to sprout through the ground.

3. After that we enter the first quarter. And that’s where the first half of the moon comes together. Hence, is sometimes to referred to as half-moon. This represents determination, focus, evaluations, and commitments to action. If any emotions arise, this is a great time to turn them into a creative source of energy for what you are currently working on.

4. Now we have the waxing gibbous. More than half the moon will be filled with light. This is the time when those seedlings we planted – well, they are about to bloom. It represents gaining, attaining, and continuing to move through with developing progress.

5. Okay, so now we’re at the Full Moonmy favorite, because it’s the moon that woke me up and the phase of the moon we most romanticize about. For many, it represents releasing – as in, releasing what does not serve you or things that you are ready to close the chapter on. And I can definitely get behind that, but I think more so that the Full Moon is your delivery. Your magic. The time when you have received your beautiful new flower that worked hard to grow. Which is part of what makes it so magical and so romantic – the time when we finally have engaged with what you’ve dreamed of – or even the time that you’re preparing to have what you’ve dreamed of. That build-up of energy is an incredible feeling. And so that’s where the releasing comes in. If you will, we have inhaled at full capacity, and now we need to exhale so we continue to flow. Right, like I said – my favorite.

6. After the Full Moon we have the waning gibbous. Okay, waning. The difference between waxing and waning – real quick – is that waxing is building up and waning is letting go. So, again, we have the waning gibbous. Which means we’re losing a bit of the moons light. This is a time where you can still receive your manifestations, or perhaps, you are riding out the energy that you manifested to it’s completion in the Full Moon. For example, I met my partner on a waning gibbous – and that was the most magical, amazing, spectacular night of my life. Because you’re having to release, or exhale, energy, a waning gibbous is a good time to determine or make decisions on what you’re going to be letting go of.

7. Then we have the third quarter, or simply another half-moon. And this one brings forward a deeper form of release. This is where you stop, contemplate, introspect, reflect & re-evaluate for the future. Think of it as a preparation for another beginning or another seed to plant.

8. Our last phase is the waning crescent moon. And the moon will only be a slither of light shining down, just like the waxing crescent moon, but it’ll be on the opposite side of the moon. This is when you’ll feel a great energetic pull let go of something completely in your life so that you can build something new that aligns with your desires and your higher self. This is another step that you’re taking forward in beginning something new.

And then we enter once more into the New Moon. And those are the 8 cycles.

The Ways in Which We Are Affected By the Moon

Here’s the thing – the moon has an incredible pull for us earthly beings, and it affects us in so many ways. It can impact our emotions, food, home, instincts, needs, nurturing, the past, our roots, safety, and our subconscious. The moon has big feminine energy, and so will also affect mothers, breasts, and the menstrual cycle. So, knowing how each phase moves and encourages us to flow is so insightful on why we may get emotional, moody, or thoroughly energized. We’re not crazy – we’re just tuned in. And it’s something to tap into.

The Moon on a Zodiac Level

The daily moon sits in a zodiac based energy. Every 2-3 days the moon moves through to the next astrological sign. Meaning, with every zodiac standing, there is a different vibrational pull that you can lean into to help you manifest your dreams and become balanced within the lunar energy that showers upon us. You can consider them as new life themes.

So, that’s where you might hear the references to something like the New Moon is in Pisces and the Full Moon is in Virgo. To help support you, I’ve broken down what to focus on a daily check-in or a zodiac-centered New Moon or Full Moon ritual. Brought to us by Yasmin Boland, the author of Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles.


Capricorn ♑ ???? – get your life back on track

This is a sign for tackling your business goals.

Order · Ambition · Strategy · Sensibility · Planning · Centering

Aquarius ♒ ☁️ – modernization and progress

This is a sign for making wishes.

Forward-Thinking · Fashion-Forward · Progressive · Rebel · Fun

Pisces ????dreamy and romantic

This is a sign for going deeper, more intimate, and being in flow with life around you.

Creative · Soulful · Steady Energy · Divine Connection · Dream Big


Fire ???? = fiery, impulsive, passionate

Ares, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth ???? = grounded, practical, stable

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air ☁️ = chatty, flighty, intellectual

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water ???? = emotional, psychic, mysterious

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Aries ♈ ???? – get things done

This is a sign for racing through the day and tapping into your passion.

Impulsive · Energized · Driven · Heated

Taurus ♉ ???? – treat yourself

This is a sign for tapping into your abundance and moving in flow.

Sensual · Relaxing · Making Money · Visualization · Planning

Gemini ♊ ☁️ – increased mental energy

This is a sign for socializing, introspection, and non-stop moving about.

Whirl Winded Energy · Chatty · Illuminations · Education · Social Connection

Cancer ♋ ???? – stay home

This is a sign for getting cozy, resting up, and spending time with loved ones.

Entrepreneurial · Mellow · Domesticity · Insecurity · Feasting

Leo ♌ ???? – step into the limelight

This is a sign for showing what makes you magical.

Confidence · Humor · Showstopper · Party · Fun

Virgo ♍ ???? – tune into your trifecta

This is a sign for releasing addictions, getting your life in order, and creating new routines.

Health · Self-Evaluation · Alignment · Grounding

Libra ♎ ☁️ – partnerships and relationships

This is a sign for making peace and coming together.

Unity · Romance · Agreements · Fine Dining · Compassion

Scorpio ♏ ???? – face your shadows

This is a sign for getting to the bottom of something and solve mysteries.

Adoration · Pettiness · Transformation · Enlightenment

Sagittarius ♐ ???? – let off some steam

This is a sign for having fun, taking risks, and overindulge yourself.

Excessiveness · Adventurous · Dream · Perspective · Gratitude

Practicing Moon Rituals

To help harness the energy that’s being emitted by the moon, many spiritual bitches will perform a ritual to honor, release, manifest, or set intentions. That can be for the year, for the next 28 days, for whatever frame of time you’d like to connect with.

Some people will always do the same thing every New Moon or Full Moon, and some people – moi – move through it intuitively, performing whatever calls to them. During a moon ritual, you could practice:



burn sage to cleanse your energy

set out a glass of water at night to absorb the moon’s energy and drink it in the morning

set your crystals outside or up on a window sill to energetically cleanse

draw tarot and/or oracle cards

gratitude and affirmations

essentially, anything that allows you to build upon your spiritual connection and ground yourself


On New Moons, the moon is empty. And it is a time for new beginnings, for planting what you want to focus on, and for manifesting magic into your life. So, something additional that you could do is make a list of your manifestations or things that you would like to accomplish. The moon will be all up in that.

Example Ritual:



Draw a tarot spread for inspiration

Draw an oracle card for information

Write down affirmations to focus on

Write down your manifestations

Goal Setting

Closing Meditation


The Full Moon is when we receive our manifestations and complete our goals. We have fully inhaled as much as possible, and that is the time to find where you can exhale. This means instead of making a manifestation list, more suited would be to make a list of things you are going to let go of. Again, the moon will be very receptive to that.

Example Ritual:



Write a letter full of things that you are going to let go of, and then burn it

Practice Gratitude

Draw an oracle card for information

Closing Meditation


  • To effectively practice moon rituals, you need to know more than what a New Moon and Full Moon are.
  • A New Moon is like a clean slate.
  • A Full Moon does more than just allow us to release.
  • There are 28 days within a lunar month, consisting of eight different phases.
  • Every 2-3 days we move into new zodiacal energy.
  • The moon affects so much of our humanly experiences.
  • Moon rituals are most effective when they are utilized on centering and aligning yourself.


  • Jordan Shomer is Your Astrologer Friend, and guested on the Magical Realness episode, Intuitive Astrology. Follow her on IG @YourAstrologerFriend and let her know how much you loved her blog!
  • Moonstruck is a film released in 1987 starring Cher and Nicholas Cage, and which won three Academy Awards for Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress. If you love Italian culture, you’ll especially get a kick out of this magical movie.
  • Clair de Lune is the third movement a part of the Claude Debussy’s Suite bergamasque. It was inspired by the poem of the same name by Paul Verlaine.
  • Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, like Moonstruck, was first performed in 1987. Written by Terrance McNally, and only has two characters.