How to Pivot in Your Business as a Soulpreneur

Why it’s necessary and the practices to implement to help you realign into your authentic soulpreneurship.

SPOILER: It takes time and a lot of self-reflection, but it’s totally worth it.

NOTE: When I wrote this, I tapped first into my inner divine and then I went back as my grounded self to make this text accessible and of use. Please give yourself space to read this and don’t simply approach with the intention to skim. Have an elixir by your side, and allow yourself to move through this in a speed the enlightens both your grounded intentions and your self-alignment.

By the way, I listened to Enya when writing this – if that is anything that makes this more of a joyful and channeled read.

What is a Soulpreneur?

A lot of us hear about soulpreneurship with excitement, openness, and a playful inquiry. Yet, we don’t always think that we are able to claim that role or title for ourselves. It sounds amazing, but we may fear that it doesn’t actually align with what we’re able to do – as in, “I don’t know if what I’m doing matches what it means to be a soulpreneur.”

I want to go over the basics of soulpreneurship so that you can see for yourself whether or not this is the place for you.

A soulpreneur is someone who serves from their heart on a deep level to help others live the life that they aspire to live. We have seen a lot of influencers and life coaches take on this type of entrepreneurship, and there isn’t a lot of representation for other kinds of trades moving through their work as soulpreneurs. But there’s no limit or range on what type of practitioners are able to step forward into that role.

A soulpreneur can be an artist, a dog walker, a beautician, a doctor, a playwright – literally any role you can think of can be engaged in soulpreneurship. The approach applied is far more important than the trade practiced.

The second key to note if you are working to become a soulpreneur, is that when you step into that space, you are then one with your business – as in you, yourself, your entity, all of what makes you you becomes an essential life source for your business.

Yes, you truly become one with your business – your thoughts, your actions, your practices, your ambitions, your relationships – all of you.

All of it becomes a part of your business. All of it becomes a part of your truth.

The impact you desire to bring to this world is based on how deeply you’re able to provide in that heart-centered space. And to engage that, it takes courage to stand up and declare your place as a visionary, as a source of enlightenment, as a beacon of light that leads others to the life they were meant to live.

To be a soulpreneur is to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose. You follow that forward to become the guide that’s needed in this world. It is a great responsibility that we hold not just for others but also for ourselves. It is a responsibility to behold, to cherish, and to love with your whole heart.

As soulpreneurs, the way that we connect with others is through sharing that energy, sharing that sympatico, sharing that truth that there is more between us than what meets the eye.

That is what is a soulpreneur does, that is the magic of what I follow, and that is what I teach my clients to practice today.

Why is it necessary for soulpreneurs to pivot?

Since we are one with our businesses, as we evolve, grow, and become anew, it also becomes necessary to bring in those same changes into our business.

The need to pivot can come up from something as simple as that we have realized an element we put into play is just not quite working for our business. It could be as simple as something just not clicking for us and the way we want to be living our lives.

As soulpreneurs, we must align our services and our offerings to what is authentic to ourselves and our self-defined communities. The revenue we wish to acquire will come in only if the connectivity is pure with the community we work to serve – the love that we are providing forward needs to be in service of what is around us.

Pivoting is a necessity that ensures the vessel we hold as our business (ourselves) continues to remain in full alignment. Being a soulpreneur is to live in the art of sympatico, and changes will organically occur for whatever you put out there will always come back to be absorbed in a new form – as a new elevation of you.

Essentially, if something is off for you and you aren’t getting the results you desire, then that’s when it’s time to pivot. If we get that message, if we get that ping, then it’s time to go inward, ask yourself those powerful questions, and move forward in what it is you actually want to be doing.

Pivoting can be tricky and difficult to ground.

It’s not always easy for us to answer those tough questions we must ask in order to receive the clarity we need to move forward into our alignment. It can be exhausting, overwhelming, and frightening. There is no guarantee that whatever we move towards will give us the results that we desire.

We may see messages from influencers and from all the people out there that what they practice is a great option that you can be following. But that doesn’t mean that whatever that is will be the thing that will bring you to your goals and aspirations – there’s no true assurance that whatever they tell you is going to be easy. Even me!

What we do when we pivot as soulpreneurs is we need to be trusting our intuition. We need to be trusting what it is that’s inside of us that tells us that this is the right way to flow – that this is the ticket to build traction in this new venture.

We started our business to begin serving others, but to serve others we must first be able to serve ourselves. Going into any kind of new venture is something that requires patience, understanding, and compassion. Allow yourself to nurture all the parts of you. Let yourself engage with your trifecta, and allow your trifecta to show you the light alongside your intuition.

How to approach pivoting as a soulpreneur.

It’s important to navigate through this with an open mind and an open heart. To take patience and not get too attached to one particular thought or concept. We want to follow whatever gives us joy while taking action.

Otherwise, if we don’t let openness be our guide, it becomes easier and easier for us to glide towards actions that instead stall our flow. We may try to exact something incredibly specific, which does not leave room for clarity to breathe into our lives and practices. Flow will not be able to come in to be our partner.

As we move through this pivot and trial of new practices, we can’t look to plan out every single scenario. As soulpreneurs, to know our truth is to experience our truth. We won’t be able to force anything to hold the same outcomes that we able to comprehend. Human nature has its own way when reflecting our happenings, actions, and desires. Having compassion and having grace will be key to getting through this beautiful transition.

When you set out to make changes in your business, hold compassion, love, and hope for the conscious direction that you’re moving into. That will allow co-creation to come in and fulfill what else is needed for us to achieve our elevated shift. Source will follow through if we give it space to show up for us.

The best practices to implement when pivoting as a soulpreneur.

Build Your Life Garden

Lay out all the things that you are building and working hard to achieve. Big or small. Whatever grounds you. Then determine what sequence of priority is best in order to successfully move through. There is no multi-tasking. It takes one step, or one project, at a time to get to where you want to go.

I’ve written an article all about your Life Garden, why it’s important, and how to use the practice. It also includes a freebie to make it super quick and easy for you!

Connecting to Your Intuition

Your intuition is your guide, your friend, your all knowing wisdom. It will lead you home, to your purpose, to your path, to your destiny. Your intuition will keep you aware of what it is you are to follow and take action next if you allow it. Follow the pings, the head turns, and any sparks of inspiration that come your way. That’s your intuition grabbing your intention.

To learn more about how the intuition works, check out the Magical Realness podcast episode with Esther Loopstra, which is also called Connecting to Your Intuition. Esther lays it out for us and gives a giant scoop on how our intuition works and aligns us to our worth. This episode is amazing.

Affirming your best case scenario and preparing for the worst case scenario.

As we pivot, it’s not about the results that our focus should lie upon, but instead we want to only be in a space of taking action. There are no guarantees, and it’s not about how the world sees it – it’s about how you can hold onto your craft and serve it to the world.

But to give us more comfort and strength in the ground we stand upon, it’s great to journal about what is the ideal that we desire from this new pivot and then taking some time to go over what’s the worst that could happen. The worst is never quite as bad as we have built up in our mind. And the practice will help us see that this isn’t the end, but only a shift in the story that is our life.

Sort through your services, offerings, and marketing.

Take each one of your offerings and define which ones are essential and which ones you can minimize or let go of. As soulpreneurs, we often want to everything and anything – as long as it serves our alignment and gets us where we want to be. But sometimes we can get lost in only where we want to go. Sometimes we forget about considering if this serves our alignment.

Our alignment is not something to travel for. It’s something we can possess right now in this very instant. So if we get confused in the idea that we need to travel to get to our alignment, we are following someone else’s voice and not our own.

Find whatever it is that you can pair down and just get to the essentials. If you get to a point where you’ve mastered those offerings and they being thoroughly practiced by others, then you can bring in those other elements and slowly incorporate them. Remember the Life Garden. Lean on that.

Reach out for soulful sponsors.

We all need a team to support us and help us move toward our action. Carrying the burden alone, regardless of how much it brings you joy and fulfillment, is tricky to do by ourselves. Especially as we spread the word and make it known to the world what action we are taking.

Make a list of those who you want by your side. Even if they have communicated their love and dedication previously, make the intention by speaking with them and asking for their direct support in whatever way you need to make this pivoting a success. It will completely change your vibrational pull, your energy, and the reciprocation you receive from Source.

I hope that’s been useful for you, my friend! I wrote that with my whole entire heart, a want to help you in any way I can. If you haven’t already, I want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. I send weekly insights and updates for you to receive these resources and help you engage in your self-alignment.

I believe in you! You’ve so got this.