Meeting Your Spirit Guides, with Liza Fenster

We are in episode 17 of 20 in our first full season, Spirituality 101. And the download you’ll receive through beautiful Liza will warm your heart, soothe your soul, and make you feel the magic that is right there at your fingertips. Our conversation explores all things inner divine, what it means to be in alignment, and how to meet your spirit guides. Your spirit guides are your ancestors, angels, masters, advisors, and protectors. And being connected to your guides is one of the best gifts you can have.

Liza Fenster is an energetic healer and divination conduit. She works under the alias of Crow Mother, an entity she is closely related to.


Go somewhere without your phone, or at least turn it off – don’t be on a screen. And just observe. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you feel emotionally? What do you feel with your fingers? What does it smell like? What’s the temperature? Take all of that in. Literally, all of it. This is the realm of the spirit. Congratulations. It’s a physical manifestation of the realm of the spirit. Because they are energy, and so are we are… And just know, that if that is as good as you got to begin your relationship with the realm of the spirit, that is beautiful. And perfect. It’s perfect.

Liza works under the pseudonym of Crow Mother and supports her clients build divine connection, create transformations, and spiritually heal. She does that through divination, intuitive spiritual counseling, spell work, and healing – all serving to help ready the seeker for their journey back to their most desired place. Liza has been in her spiritual practice for over 20 years and finds deep fulfillment as an ordained minister, officiating scared life events within her community and sitting for spiritual counseling sessions.


Being aligned with spirit is different for everyone. But at the least, it will all be the same in that we are walking in the reality of our highest, truest self. We are headed in the general direction of brightness, of what energizes us, and what provides us with our most deeply connected sense of who you truly are – of who you want to be.

And that doesn’t always look pretty. To be in alignment doesn’t always look like peace. But it does point you in the direction of peace. And that’s because the human experience is not going to be literal. Resilience is key if you want to follow the desire of being divinely connected. It is hard work to be spiritually aligned. Yes, it’s work! And willing to be willing is the ticket. The human will is a very powerful thing, and only that will can give you the ability to accept your spirit guides in your life and live within your alignment.

If you choose to accept divine flow within your life, we’ll then it is so. You are connected – without having to do anything beyond that. And that’s because the work is in believing, allowing, and willing – in strengthening that communication and strengthening our intuition.

But to get to that place, you must first experience your Great Awakening. The Dark Night of the Soul is not enough, because it’s only one half of the coin. When we experience The Dark Night of the Soul, we come to an understanding that life is greater than the Earth we stand on. But after we come into our Great Awakening, which takes a significantly longer length of time, we come into the awareness that we have a greater sense of self.

And to get to your Great Awakening, and to nurture yourself during such an expansion, is going to look different for each individual. For some it’ll be a combination of praying and meditation. For others it’ll look like journaling and leaning into your Clairs. But in general, it’s going to be some sort of practice of mindfulness that’s going to guide you into that Great Awakening – that’s going to give you a sense of I to tune into.

Which again, takes work – hard, deep, empowering work. And it’s not always going to feel good to do what’s in service of your greatest good. To be in alignment is to make sacrifices, to pivot, to adjust, and have difficult conversations. Otherwise, you could be creating pressure for that happiness to be in your life. Which is a form of bypassing, and a form of inauthenticity, and the path that will lead out of alignment. Willing something forward is to allow it into your existence – not make it obligated to be in your existence. Facing shadow and centering yourself is a must.

Lean into your intuition as much as you can, when you can. If it’s not right for today, then try tomorrow. Your practices and your path to your inner divine will still be there. Whenever you are ready to meet your spirit guides, or be in alignment, or hold the peace and liberation of your spiritual awakening – it will simply be so.



Spirt guides are a few different things, and they were assigned to you as soon as your soul contract was signed – from the moment it was planned that you would return to the human plane. They are a mix of:






Ascended Masters

Those you knew in a previous life

Those you will know in another life

Knowing their history or what particular kind of guide or spirit they are isn’t necessary. And focusing on calling forward a particular guide may or may not be helpful in creating those relationships. Reason being because they will make themselves known when the need arises. And in may not be in a humanly body. Spirit guides can manifest into animals, signs, tools – whatever you have the willingness to accept. And they may only be with you for a specific amount of time.

Your spiritual team’s whole gig is to see us in our purest expression of self. And they will meet you where you are and where you’ll accept them. They have that ability because they are in a completely different plane than we are. Their experience, perspective, and comprehension is not shared with our linear approach. Which is why you might find that they communicate in riddles or roundabout responses. Being in that spiritual plane, your spirit guides’ comprehension is like apples to oranges when compared to ours. So when you turn to them for guidance and wisdom, go in looking for information and not answers.



If you are skeptical or hesitant to reach out to your spirit guides – to start the work of being in alignment – pause and consider why you are afraid, feel unworthy, or unwilling to do so. Consider here did your beliefs come from and what have they told you about yourself and this life we were given.

If there has been significant darkness and hardship in your life, or in the lives of your ancestors and so it is passed down to you, don’t allow that history to hold you back from the higher power that aligns within you. Know that this gift, this liberation, is greater than you and I. Creation, forgiveness, compassion, safety – that is the spiritual plane. And to hold it in your heart is to be connected to that space.

No matter what you are walking into journey with, follow the desire to explore. If spirit guides aren’t it for you, it can just be just yourself and the connection to the energy around you: birds, bees, trees, your family, what brings you joy – mindfulness and sympatico. And do your best to not compare your experiences with intuition by other people’s experiences with their own intuition. Your antenna to your sense of I is a different model.

Otherwise, you are likely creating barriers between you and the person you want to be – that aligned, purest sense of self. Don’t set limitations or restrictions on ways you can meet your spiritual team. You are worthy and you are enough. So have the willingness to let spirit come to you in whatever manifestation it takes hold of. This is your journey and your spiritual connection. No one else can define that. Lean into your uniqueness and trust the information that comes to you.

And when you feel that you are ready, simply ask them forward. They will appear when they are ready and when you are ready. But that happens after you started the work of aligning and following the joy that comes from that journey. Joy is one of the most profound ways you can use to meet them. So do what makes you happy: cooking, creation, art, putting your feet in the grass, etc. Then, take it a step further and try some of the practices we’ve explored in this season, Spirituality 101. And start where you feel safe. Hence, joy! Joy helps you connect to your highest, purest version of self – joy connects you to your alignment, which then connects you to your spirit guides.


  • It’s not always easy to be in alignment, but it leads you to your purest, greatest sense of who you are.
  • To learn what it means to be in alignment and have your true sense of I, seek to move through the journey of your Great Awakening.
  • Your spirit guides a mix of various beings who are here to witness you as, and lead you to, the true essence of who you are.
  • To meet your spirit guides, follow joy, hold the willingness to have them in your life, and don’t set limitations on what your relationship with them should be or look like.
  • To live an aligned life, simply follow your intuition as much as you are able and when you are able. That is enough.