This article is for anyone living in the financial millennial age – that doesn’t mean that you are a millennial, necessarily. Simply, anyone who is dealing with a tough job market, swamped in debt, living off of their loved ones, and/or finds that they spend money faster than they do holding it in their hands.

I want to take a moment to raise my hand and let you know I am still very much, in some way or another, dealing with each and every one of these: after getting laid off from my day job in the worst possible season to do so, I was pushed into pursuing my business on a full-time scale; I have over $64,000 in school and personal loans; since I am still working on building my business up, my guy helps take the load financially off my plate; and the path to healing is expensive, but I’m not willing to compromise which leads to a constant investment in my health. 

Yep, that’s right! I’m a real person! I have not acquired financial freedom, yet, but it’s something that I am very much working towards every day.

So, more specifically, this article was written with anyone living in the millennial age and keeps finding opportunities that they want to take on but are finding to be too expensive for them. I want to help you change your mindset so that you can invest in yourself, which is what we’re really talking about here. 

You Can Invest Yourself

Now, I’m sure what I’m about to share will not bode well with many people, but as any excellent coach knows, if you’re labeling something as too expensive, that’s simply a mindset. In fact, it’s actually a belief that’s holding you back. Yikes! I know, I know. If you are experiencing the same mindblowing-ness I did when I first heard that – yeah. It’s a doozy. 

When we want to invest in ourselves, but don’t feel comfortable with the cost, we say it’s too expensive. We let being too expensive be synonymous with not having enough money. Although technically that is true, when we expand our mindset on this, it can free us up to take leaps, find opportunities, and quantum leap into spaces we long to be in. When we look at things expansively, we see a difference between believing something is too expensive and knowing that you don’t have enough money to make a purchase or investment.

Knowing that you don’t have enough money to go out to dinner, take a vacation abroad, buy those shoes in the window, or hire a car to bring you back home after work, is responsible awareness. Right? If you literally don’t have the money in your bank account or know that a specific purchase will lead you to not having enough money in your bank account, refraining from extraneous purchases is performing in your best interest. But believing something is too expensive is a mindset that holds you back from having it all. 

Let’s use the shoes example to elaborate on this. So you see a pair of shoes in a store window that are really cute and would go perfectly with your wardrobe. They’re boots – cozy, warm boots that have a great thread for cold, winter days like the one you’re in right now. The boots you’re currently wearing are falling apart, they somehow make your feet feel colder, and they hurt. You like the color, but that’s about it. The boots in the window are the same color and have way more function. You have been thinking about getting a new pair lately, but the problem is your current budget only allows you to spend $30 and these boots cost $70. That’s $40 more than what you feel comfortable with. So they’re just too expensive and you need to continue to make due for a while.

Or do you??

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, I am not about to tell you to magically manifest an extra $40 – although you absolutely could do that. Instead, what I suggest is to get creative. 

Going back to the shoes, you start thinking about the necessity of having boots that are warm and comfortable to walk in, since you walk to work! This is important and it’s really time to take the plunge. So where can you find that extra $40 without hurting you later on in the month? Well, there’s that gym membership you have that you never use. You haven’t wanted to get rid of it because you have a special rate that you’re afraid of losing in case you do decide to be a gym person later on. Except, the last time you went to the gym was $288 ago – or four pairs of shoes ago. You still have time to cancel your membership before the next auto-payment. That’s $36 more in your bank account than you had before. Done. Now, where else could that last $4 come from? Every day you stop at Starbucks and grab a latte and bagel, even though there’s free coffee available at work. On your way to work tomorrow, instead of buying a latte you could just get a bagel, planning to drink the free coffee. Done. And now you have an extra $41.50 to spend and get those shoes!

YASSS! It took a minute, but we got there. And now you can let go of needing to be a “gym” person without any guilt – it’s just not your thing. And every dollar can go a long way. If $40 can make a big difference in your life – being able to have boots that support and take care of your beautiful feet – then challenge yourself to get creative with your finances so that you can open up the doors that you’ve told yourself were locked because your finances weren’t “enough.” Look at where you spend your money and if you’re throwing it away at things that are not of use or aid to you. 

If you’re spending money on something that does not make you high vibe, it is not worthy of you.

Investing in yourself means taking care of yourself – bringing your mind, body, and spirit more love, greater bandwidth, and a new level of freedom. Trust me, if there is a will there is a way. 

See the difference now in something being too expensive and not having enough money for it? When I took the time to understand this, it completely changed my perspective of everyday life. I used to be so stressed, scared, and lost in FOMO, wishing that someday I would have the money to acquire financial freedom. Financial freedom is still not something I have gained in my life, but it’s not something I look at woefully anymore. I know, from a non-linear perspective, I already have it. And from a linear perspective, I am working on it, cocreating, and therefore it is coming my way. Can you hear the trust in my voice that I have with the Universe? 

I know that it’s not all that easy, and I am not claiming it is. As a millennial living in this economy – trust me – I get it. But what I am trying to impart upon you is that in your own way, you can have it all – you can take that leap. You have the power to bring in whatever you desire, and you have the ability to make that opportunity yours. Don’t waste another year of your life being stuck in the grind of the patriarchy’s societal oppression. You’re worth so much more than that. As Tim Gunn says, make it work. … for you.