The fourth episode of the first season, my friends! It’s time to get gabby. For 20 weeks we will be taking a course in Spirituality 101. I’ll introduce you to elements of spirituality so that you can pick and choose which practice is right and aligned for you.

In this episode, I go over the most approachable, or perhaps well-known, practices within mindfulness. Originally discussed with the beautiful Brenda Umana in the previous episode. We go over journaling, yoga, and meditation. I walk you through them and explain the various ways to approach these practices.


Journaling is a way of exhaling and releasing what is bubbling inside of you so that you can become aware and conscious within your life.

Yoga is a form of body movement that is combined by philosophical, spiritual, and mental practices from the ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

Meditation is a practice of silencing the mind, sitting with yourself as you are in this moment, and building awareness within yourself.




Journaling Prompts

1. What would make me happy right now? What feels like it’s missing?

2. What does your ideal day look like? What are you doing and who do you spend it with?

3. What makes me come alive? When was the last time I felt life at it’s fullest?

4. If I could share one message with the world, what would it be?

5. What would it take for me to feel more confident in who I authentically am?

Brenda’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Types of Mediation


Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Meditation

Sound Healing

Movement Meditation

Mantra Meditation