The third episode of the first season, my friends! It’s time to get gabby. For 20 weeks we will be taking a course in Spirituality 101. I’ll introduce you to elements of spirituality so that you can pick and choose which practice is right and aligned for you.

In this episode, I have the beautiful and oh-so wise Brenda Umana join us to discuss mindfulness. We talk about many things, but the juiciest bits are how to allow mindfulness to be a partner in our lives, that the ego is not our enemy, and that consistency is defined. Listen in to get the full insights, hear fun tangents, and learn how to make mindfulness accessible to you on your journey wherever you are.

Mindfulness is the gaining of consciousness and awareness of one’s present experience, detached from the ego. It’s leaving behind judgment, guilt, and shame. Letting yourself sit and be who you authentically are. Mindfulness invites peace, prosperity, and overall wellness into our lives. To practice mindfulness regularly is to live a richly and with fulfillment.



Time is something that we have created. Putting shit in our calendar is what we have created. But we’re still in it. We’re still living in it, you know? And at the end of the day, it’s not like all of the practices have fallen off. They are there. They are fully supporting us. We show up to them when we need them.”

If there is only one thing that you take away from this episode, take Brenda’s words with you. This is such a valuable perspective on allowing compassion, ease, and joy be the alignment for how often and the kind of consistency we practice when showing up to ourselves.

Show up and do these as often as you see fit. Sure, it would be nice to do it every day, but as long as you are seeing results and returning when the need arises, you’re still rocking it. 

The best wellness is achieved when we move without pressure, obligation, and ill thoughts. So give yourself the space to do just that, and you will shine.


Lauren Slater – a yoga practitioner located in Seattle, WA.

Daily Love – Mastin Kipp is a renowned life coach channeled on helping individuals live their purpose.

Gabby Bernstein – an influential life coach, motivational speaker, and author.


Brenda is a Mindful Coach & a Mindful Marketing Specialist. The best way to find out more about her is just to head to her website. She has so many goodies there. Here’s a few places I’ve picked out for you to start. Below is a link to The Three Moon Collective, which is Seattle’s guide to the wellness world. Both Brenda and I are collective members.

Body Scan Meditation

This a meditation created with the intention of doing so while lying down. Not only will you become relaxed, you’ll also feel in tune and alignment with both your body and mind. Get her meditation here.

About Brenda

Brenda has had a rich history thus so far, and vast experience in the art of mindfulness and how to implement it in both your life and your business. Her intuitive approach is gentle, yet powerful.

Emotional Wellness Blog

Brenda plays around with what emotional wellness means to her, and the power we gain when engaging in that enlightenment. Head to her blog and find what it means to journal introspectively.