Aligning with our purpose is a practice.

Before kicking this off, if you haven’t found your purpose yet, let me start by encouraging you to keep going. Finding our purpose is such a beautiful, untouchable gift. It brings us joy, enlightenment, and the ability to learn more about ourselves every day. We are wondrous, complicated creatures, and that is so fetch / rufus / nebular. Trying to stay relevant, here!

So here’s my point: this article is written for those who know their purpose but have lost touch with it. That’s not to say that this won’t be beneficial or help you in your honorable journey of meeting yourself – in fact, I’m glad you’ve landed here and are learning this in advance. But this article isn’t about finding your purpose, it’s about living it.

Personally, I check-in with myself regularly and I always do my best to create space to remind myself what my purpose is – why it is that I show up to this work, every single day. It’s so easy to forget our why. The world is busy. It’s always rushing past us, and so many of us are just doing the best we can to keep up.

I hear you my friend, and that’s why I make tuning in to my purpose a part of my practice.

There are various ways you could ground that, and go about it. So, I’m going to keep this simple and go over one of the biggest traps I see with my clients as they try to build that practice and live in their purpose.

If you’re fighting yourself, you’re not in alignment with your purpose.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, here. Your time is valuable, and frankly, so is mine. So let’s just get to it. We’ve all been lied to – we’ve been told it has to be hard, and that’s total bullshit.

Now, I’m not trying to say that it doesn’t get difficult and we won’t face challenge after challenge. But what I am saying is that this endless journey we’re on, it in itself isn’t meant to be hard. We’re not meant to live between a hard rock and a hard place.

Challenges are there to help us expand, elevate, and evolve. Yes, they can be tricky, you’ll need to be clever, and it can be like a bump in the road. But if you yield to joy, and let the fun be your guide to doing the work, what is difficult will feel easy.

So do yourself a favor and allow it to be easy. It’s that simple.

If you are resonating with this, but are unsure of how to it – all you have to do is lean in. When the easy answer sounds scary, unbelievable, or something you’re not ready for – lean in, go deeper, and trust your intuition’s lead.

Still unsure of how to stop fighting, let it be easy, and find what you’re supposed to be leaning into? Keep reading, my friend – I got you.

Don’t get lost in the shoulds.

One of the most frequent reminders I have to share with my clients – and really just all the people in my life – is, “don’t should all over yourself,” by Tony Robbins.

Why is that so? Because I find time and time again that our impulse turns to the question, ‘what should I do?’ If you think this question is harmless, let me explain.

Look, I get it. I understand why we would think that this is the question to be asking ourselves when figuring out our next steps and what aligns with our purpose. But trying to find the answer to this question doesn’t do that. It actually does the opposite. Without realizing it, this question will hold ourselves back with both arms tied up.

Remember when I said allow joy to be the guide? Well, we can’t do that when we’re looking up and down at all the things we ‘should’ be doing. Bringing forward the ‘shoulds’ instead allows pressure, comparison, and feelings of unworthiness to walk through our door. It’s not a happy group to be around.

‘Should’ also encourages us to look outside of ourselves to find the answer. Which is the most problematic part of this. It’s like trying to follow a get-rich-quick scheme. Sure, it sounds like a win, but when you try to implement, you almost always lose.

The real way we find our alignment and what our next steps are, is to ask, ‘what is that I want?’

If it was easy, more people would do it.

This might start to sound contradictory, but please stay with me. I will explain. You’ll see the light.

Instead of asking, ‘what should I do?’, a better, more compassionate, and simpler question to ask is, ‘what do we want?’ But to ask yourself this is not an easy thing to do. And that’s why our impulse doesn’t turn to this question. If it were easy, we’d explore those answers more often.

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking about how I just told you to allow things to be easy. Yes, please do that. And by allowing yourself to explore something that’s difficult to work through, you will receive that ease.

What I’m saying is, the easy part comes after. We just have to do the work first.

Finding what we want is challenging because we have to be patient. We need to tune in to our trifecta and listen to the wisdom of our intuition. If we don’t, then we’ll follow the quick answers provided by envy, comparison, and all that outside noise.

I know, before finding the true answer of what it is that I want to do, have, or accomplish, I often need to journal and reflect on it for about two weeks. If you think about how fast two weeks goes by, that’s really no time at all. But in the moment, when we feel lost, out of touch, or full of doubt, it can seem like forever. I know what gets me through those feelings is remembering my purpose and how much brighter I’ll shine after walking through the tunnel.

See, our inner divine wants to show up for the fun. And waiting to hear the authentic desire that I hold is worth the wait. Because it will light me up and set me on fire. I’ll have joy and excitement fueling me, and source is going to be bouncing off the walls that I’m actually doing it. What makes me happy makes my inner divine, trifecta, intuition, and source happy.

And that’s what it means to be aligned. It means to be in flow with all of that makes us who we are. It means to be living in our purpose.

You can try to follow your purpose, or you can be your purpose.

The way I see it, you’ve got two options:

  1. You can let yourself fall in line with a path built for someone else and jump from course to course until you finally get a taste for the kind of work you actually want to do.
  2. You can do the hard work now and simply ask yourself what is you want – dive deep, find those answers, and then collaborate with source to make the magic happen.

To put it plainly, the difference between these questions – of should vs want – is that ‘should’ feels easier in the beginning, but only gets tougher as we follow a path that was made for someone else. Whereas, it’s challenging, in the beginning, to ask what our ‘want’ is because we have to tune in, listen, and be patient. But after we do that work, we’ll be walking on what feels like easy street – we’ll hold joy in our hearts for following the path that inspires us and aligns with our purpose.

So here’s your how: to live in your purpose and find those next steps, we need to remind ourselves what it is, why we show up for it, and ask ourselves what it is we want.

If you’d like more support in finding the answer to this question and aligning with your purpose – then I would I be honored to be your partner in this journey. A super easy and affordable way for us to work together is by having a coaching correspondence through email! If that sounds interesting to you, all you gotta do is click the button below.

I believe in you, my friend – you’ve┬áso go this.