The Real Truth About Connecting to Your Inner Divine

Nourishing your trifecta is crucial to living a spiritual life.

We are so deeply connected through our mind, body, and soul that the trio operates as a gatekeeper for our ambitions, happiness, and health.

We are intricate, wonderful beings.

Our inner divine is a sacred, beautiful complexity that comes together and collaborates in creating who we are. Our authentic selves are made up in combination with our connection to source, our highest selves, our intuition, our trifecta, and our ego. All have an essential, pivotal part of how we operate, what we are drawn to, and how we serve the mission that lives inside us.

The trifecta is our most grounded element within our inner divine and it’s also the one we spend the least amount of time appreciating and nurturing. Part of that is getting lost in our higher selves, wanting to manifest with source, and feeling that addictive high of connecting with the Universe. The other part of that is simply we are unaware of our trifecta and just how essential it is in our journey to self, spirituality, and living our best lives.

So, in this article, we are going to be focusing on why the trifecta is so special, how it works, and what fruitfulness to expect in caring for our trifecta.

Our trifecta is truly the gateway to channeling through all the elements that make us who we are. It levels us up to the other inner divine elements, helping us get to the juicy, fun parts of connecting to self. Our trifecta is also the way that we process and operate the grounded world that surrounds us. It is the way that we move through this Earth and our life, and the way that are able to take in all of our senses.

Simply, it is mind-body-soul connection. You could certainly look at the mind, body, and soul as different entities, and that would be a strong practice. But the connection itself is something to tune in and pay attention to.

The trifecta is what holds us together.

There’s a lot of focus and talk that goes into handling the ego, specifically with how dangerous and distracting it can be. We’re encouraged to want to silence the ego, because we are told it gets in our way. But in my practice, I have found that my ego is not as toxic as we have all looked at it to be. It is simply the surface level of how we experience things moment to moment, and that internal sensation of ourselves can speak to our consciousness and subconsciousness.

And that’s how we reach our trifecta. The ego and trifecta are able to speak to each other, and also speak for each other. It’s not just the ego that will try to hold us back, but if it is in our greatest good, then the trifecta will also do what it can to get us to wait until we are truly ready.

Our trifecta is so in tune with what our fears are, where we want to go, and what our aspirations are. It knows the way we feel about things – if we’re comfortable, afraid, reluctant. It understands why we may not want to move forward into something. But typically, we wouldn’t be able to reverse those roles to not just understand why our trifecta would want to hold back, but also simply being aware that it doesn’t want to move forward. And we’ll confuse our trifecta’s work as a block in the road when really it’s asking us for care and a listening ear.

The trifecta will not cause blocks for what is aligned for us. Instead, when our trifecta has become malnourished, it creates challenges until we’re ready to take that ultimate step forward. Typically, all we’ll need to do is nourish and tune in to the trifecta in order to move on and continue with our journey. Only when our mind, body, and soul can stand tall that we are able to rise to the occasion.


Our trifecta is the thing that holds us together and what allows us to move forward with inner work – not just spiritually and mindfully – but with any element within ourselves. Our mind-body-soul connection then takes us further and dictates to our intuition, collaborating to find what guiding messages we need to hear. Our intuition does not just listen to our higher self, but it listens to our experiences from moment to moment. It listens to the trifecta and what the trifecta is able to communicate from the ego’s perspective. And that’s one out of many reasons why our inner divine is so sacred.

The trifecta will create impulses in the mind, in the body, or in the spirit. It creates impulses that it believes will be in service of you and help you move forward to whatever it is you need. So if you need to scale back, if you need to go forward, if you need to stay right where you are, if you need to wait for those next steps. Our trifecta is our internal guide. It is our internal compass. Our intuition is the needle on the compass. But our trifecta is the compass itself and it holds all of our centering.

The benefits of connecting to your trifecta are endless.

I could go on about this for days, but to make this digestible and useful, here are ten benefits to get you started and inspired to spend time on your trifecta.

1. You’ll be able to tune in with your inner divine.

2. You’ll turn your relationship with your ego into one that is in service of you.

3. You’ll learn what your trifecta needs to show up for you.

4. You’ll be able to communicate deeper to your intuition.

5. You’ll understand your true aspirations in life.

6. You’ll experience flow, motivation, and resilience more often.

7. You’ll gain clarity and insight for yourself, your business, and your relationships.

8. You’ll stop punishing yourself for not getting it “right.”

9. You’ll show up stronger, bolder, and have more stamina to fight the good fight.

10. You’ll experience harmony within yourself.

Every element has a part to play.

I’m going to, cheesily, explain this through the analogy of a running sailboat. And below each bit, I’ll share three questions you can ask to tune in and learn what nourishment is needed. When asking, I recommend a mindful approach, quieting the senses, and then directly speaking/thinking to your mind, body, or soul. If that feels uncomfortable, these are also questions you could simply journal with.

Mind – Your mind is the stern deck. It computes, processes, and sends crucial information where it needs to go. When we aren’t in tune, we experience all elements through our mind, which can be confused with an overactive ego. It is our source for knowledge, awareness, and understanding.

  • How can I lighten your load?
  • How can I give you peace?
  • Mind, what do you need from me?

Body – Your body is a vessel. It carries, stores, and protects the precious cargo. It also is the essential element that gets us where we need to be. When we aren’t in tune, our body may feel stressed, overwhelmed, and sad. It is our source for energy, momentum, and pleasure.

  • How are feeling right now?
  • What can we let go of?
  • Body, what do you need from me?

Soul – Your soul is the sails. It inspires, fuels, and brightens our journey. When we aren’t in tune, our soul might feel muted, defeated, and unmotivated. It is our source for enlightenment, fulfillment, and alignment.

  • What do you want me to know?
  • How can I pay you more attention?
  • Soul, what do you need from me?

By caring for your trifecta, you are igniting your inner divine.

I want to end this with a quick summary so that you know exactly what you are able to walk away with. There’s so much in this article. It’s a bit woo and a bit mindful. But regardless of which way you take it, you will see positive results from being in practice with your trifecta.

Your trifecta is the mind-body-soul connection.

Your mind is the analytical reporter.

Your body is the harborer and source of energy.

Your soul is the beacon within you.

Together, the mind, body, and soul create opportunities for us to explore, needs that we can understand, and the ability to operate in what is in service of ourselves. It is the door that leads us to true harmony with the inner divine.

By tuning into your trifecta, you will receive clarity, communication with your inner divine, relief from your ego, intuitive flow, and overall happiness.

If you would like more information, I created a video explaining that when we feel overwhelmed and burned out, what’s really going on is that our trifecta is malnourished. Watch it to learn a bit more how our trifecta communicates to us.



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