QUICK NOTE: In respect and honor of Julia Cameron’s work, I will not be providing a full report or deep dive into the text. I’ll be sharing a light summary and one or two of the week’s activity list. To hear my thoughts and insights, listen to the pod!


Sometimes I will write badly, draw badly, paint badly, perform badly. I have a right to do that to get to the other side. Creativity is its own reward.

As you step into your artistry, it’s important to evaluate your needs in your life right now. We often fall into the traps of believing that money establishes are credibility, but that’s a limiting belief. Money is a form of stability that helps you meet your needs and gather the resources for what it is you are becoming. Your credibility as an artist lies only in you and your actions.

If you work a 9-5 and believe it is standing in your way of becoming the full-fledged artist you dream of, consider instead what stability that 9-5 provides you so that you are to practice your art at all. Does it give you the freedom to walk into craft with passion, desire, and inspired action? If you’ve come to a place where your art can supplement the income that comes from a 9-5, then accept that you are ready. Otherwise, accept the gift that your role gives you in pursuing your creative life.

The point is, don’t follow society’s standards on what is ideal. Listen to what’s true for you and accept all that you are able to accomplish right now. Because whatever is going on right now is enough.

“As an artist, I do not need to be rich but I do need to be richly supported.”

This doesn’t just refer to finances, but also willing to not be a perfect artist every time you sit down to your craft. Self-respect cannot withstand pressure or perfectionism. Otherwise, you’ll end up ignoring your inner artist – which starves it and ends up only creating overwhelming frustration and creative blocks. Hence, why we’re here now.

Allow yourself to accept your truth, live it, and co-create with the artist within.


Creativity is not a business, although it may generate much business.

If creativity is spirituality, accomplishments cannot alone fulfill what it means to be successful. To complete a creative is freeing and liberating, for sure, but it doesn’t necessarily make it something that brightens your soul with love and a deepened passion.

Our creative journey is not on the straight on narrow. Instead we move as a spiral, always rising and flowing. When practicing your artistry, it’s our intuition we must follow – not formulas, numbers, business outlines. We can use them as tools, but we can not allow them to be our guide. Otherwise we will become lost in a false sensation of success that keeps us from feeling truly connected to our work.

Creative fulfillment is met through commitment, engaging in our passions, and exploring our alignment. Playing it safe or chasing after numbers will bring weariness and obligation. Forget that and simply follow your inspired action. Authentic success will soon arise.


In order to effect a real recovery, one that lasts, we do need to move out of the head and into a body of work. To do this, we must first of all move into the body.

Moving the body is a form of moving into action. Movement encourages creative flow to run through us – brightening our minds, our hearts, and passion for the craft we pursue. By stretching the body you release the mind’s tight, suffocating grip, bringing in space and ease to step forward into your art.

Exercise can bring us so many lessons – like the rewards we receive from the process, what it means to feel satisfied by small tasks, how we are stronger than we thought, how to solve problems by tapping into our inner resources, and the abundant opportunities that can arise from practicing patience.

Try it. See how your art will flourish by doing so. Take a walk and feel the magic sink in.


In order to stay easily and happily creative, we need to stay spiritually centered. This is easier to do if we allow ourselves centering rituals.

Having your own creative haven – whether that’s a room or a corner – can allow you to sink into your craft with ease and fulfilling artistic flow. It’s your space to tap into your art and give back to the Inner Artist. Fill it with things that inspire you, brings you joy, and connects you to the world.

Rituals should also be welcomed. A lot of the time, we call rituals routines – so there are several ways you can go about this. The ritual you invite in your life needs to be based on whatever lifts you and helps you step into what it is that you are creatively stepping into. And it will reinforce your union with your art.


  1. Find yourself a blank journal and number the first seven pages. Dedicate each page to one of the following categories and then list 10 wishes: health, possessions, leisure, relationships, creativity, career, and spirituality. When you write your wishes, don’t let practicality be a factor. Simply put down whatever it is that your heart desires. Use this journal for your creative endeavors.
  2. Make a list of the ways you plan on nurturing yourself within the next six months. What will be your go-to? Where will your practice lie? How will you expand?