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Expect the universe to support your dream. It will.

Listening is a skill we believe we have taken on fully, but typically, if we are in the middle of a creative recovery, we actually need to take time to learn what it means to listen ourselves. Our Censor has popped up and done a lot of talking on our behalf, and that is a critical realization in learning how we became blocked artists.

Art is the reflection of society and what is around us – including ourselves. If we can’t reflect on our authentic experiences, desires, and perspectives, we won’t be able to have that connection to the work we’re doing. We don’t think things up with art – in art we get things down.

If we look to think of something up we are straining away from our grasp and are immediately engaging in mind blocks. If we instead simply take action forward and get something down, we are moving away from the strain and are engaging with our light and our truth.

Clear inspiration will come through when Source believes we will follow that inspiration in full faith. Our morning pages and artist dates live as small leaps of faith and represent our ability to listen to our authentic voice. The art that lives inside of us is full, complete, and vibrant. It’s our job to quiet the rest of the voices around us so that we can instead tune in that internal magic and document it in its entirety.


Perfectionism is the refusal to let yourself move ahead.

Perfectionism is so easily camouflaged by accepted ideas of “processing.” Like you still need to tweak something, that you’re still working to get it right, that you have a set of standards to uphold. These are all forms of perfectionism and it’s getting in your way of being able to move forward in your work and your creative recovery.

Always looking at how you can continue to improve instead of channeling on how you could be sharing your work is a mindset that encourages stagnation. Yes, we always want to improve, grow, and evolve, but we do that through our work and continuing to put it out there. As long we keep up the pursuit, there is no way we can’t continue to evolve and get better at our craft.

It’s not about putting out work than what’s better than the rest. It’s about accepting ourselves where we are, allowing our work to be enough, and being bold in the magic we are producing.


Usually, when we say we can’t do something, what we mean is that we won’t do something unless we can guarantee that we’ll do it perfectly.

Our creative recovery is dependent on our ability to be able to get out of our heads, take that leap, and put things into action. When we don’t take action, we could be scared of looking silly, of being judged, or not being accepted. But then what occurs is that fear makes it so – the fear allows ourselves to see what we are doing as silly, stupid, and weird.

To do something well, we must allow ourselves first to begin to do what it is we aspire to do. To do something well, we must allow ourselves to first do it badly.

In order to avoid the risk that comes with vulnerability, we put the bar so high that when we try to reach for it we can’t. We are setting ourselves up for failure, trading fear for hurt feelings. We unrealistically carry expectations in order to be comparable to others, when our work has nothing to do with others. Art is a reflection of what we see and experience, and the risk of sharing those reflections are worth it – because we are contributing to the world that we wish to be a part of.


Jealousy tells us there is room for only one – one poet, one painter, one whatever you dream of becoming.

Jealousy is often an internal voice declaring that they wish to have that, too. But in order to have whatever we want, we have to first take action towards it. Jealousy is a mask of fear. It allows us to be angry or resentful towards someone else instead of facing our own shadows and why we really aren’t doing what we desire to do.

The frustration that comes out of jealousy tells us what we wish to do is already accessible to us, we just have to choose to follow it through. And although it is a gift to experience jealousy – for then we know that what we wish to have is already ours if we choose to follow that action – if we allow jealousy to be a part of our lives it will block our abundance from the universe. It narrows our perspective and strips us of our sense of possibility.

To recounter jealousy and get it out of your life, you need to define the action required to make the jealousy irrelevant. Take a moment to sit down and affirm what action you’ll be taking in your life to live it on your terms and be in peace.


Take yourself out on a mini-date. That could simply be just another room. Play a record or an album and let yourself zen out to the music. Sit back with a sketchbook and see what comes out of you. Let yourself explore. Forget about the how, and just give yourself some time to be you exactly as you are in that moment. 20 minutes can change your entire day.

    And with that my friend, is the end of week one. Thank you so much for joining us and we can’t wait til next week!

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    No pressure, friends! After all, we’re trying to be better.