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witchy portals for aligned living



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est 2019


i An intentional openness for what brings us passion enlightenment inspired fulfillment within all areas of our life

[ˈblīth ˈmī-trəlz]

blithe spirit mitral valve open heart waves

it's blithe, like the spirit,

+ mitral, like the heart valve

ii A concentrated awareness of what lights us up the act of bringing it into your life
The spirit the valve are what inspired the name itself It s an implied crafted term to define this company s ethos philosophy perspective on life
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strategy design for conscious creators
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Helping conscious creators stop selling their soul to Instagram so they can run their dream business with hot girl magic.

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crossaint magic

magic ❋ mystery ❋ croissants

Witchy hangouts for creatives so they can laugh, make progress on creative projects, + have fun chatting the chat.

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mood matter media

A network of bingetastic podcasts for "mentally creative" beings that want the perfect blend of funny + inspirational.

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the art of sympatico

what flows through me flows through you what flows through you flows through me

I know having a core philosophy isn't the biggest go-to in business, but I'mma big fan. Knowing what anchors me + being able to actively engage in this practice with you makes all the difference in showing up every day.

What's especially great about my north star is that it's pretty simple. It's basically the culmination of vibration + intention + immersion. Meaning, the art of sympatico is the transference of energy between one's authentic self + their self-defined community.

To actively engage in sympatico, first, we open ourselves to that which fills our heart streams + gives us fulfillment. Second, we extend that openness to others + give them encouragement to find their own fulfillment.

And such is the art of living in sympatico: the endless flow of the energy you bring forward into the world coming back to you through the energy of what’s around you.

I believe firmly that this is the key to living a worthwhile, fruitful, and wholesome life - whatever that means for you. Life is complicated. There are so many nuances. And breaking it down into the duality of giving + receiving - or what I like to reference as exhaling and inhaling - I have found to make life more simplified, beautiful, + intuitive. So if that's something you are interested in, then I invite you to embrace the art of sympatico within your life. It's made miracles in mine.

xx brittany marie